Air India Crew Member Assaulted On Goa-Delhi Flight; Passenger Handed Over To Security

Air India crew member
by Tooba Shaikh

It seems that lately, there has been an uptick in the cases of unruly passenger behaviour. There have been many cases where people who are, more often than not, drunk, end up misbehaving either with other passengers or with the crew members. But such cases are not limited to inebriated passengers. Many people who are sober, too, end up misbehaving. An Air India flight recently witnessed one such incident where a passenger, who wasn’t drunk, ended up assaulting a crew member.

Air India Crew Member Assaulted On Goa-Delhi Flight

Air India crew member

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

In a recent event that was disappointing but, given the latest trend in passengers’ behaviour on flights, wasn’t surprising, a passenger assaulted a member of the cabin crew. The incident took place on an Air India flight which was numbered AI882.

The flight was on its way to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport or the IGI airport from Goa. According to an article published by The Times of India, the passenger first verbally abused the crew members on board. Later, he went on to physically assault one of them.

An Air India spokesperson also told TOI that the safety of the passengers and crew members is its utmost priority. Other details about the incident, like the name of the passenger or the crew member who got assaulted, have not been revealed yet.

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Passenger Gets Handed Over To Security

Air India crew member

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The TOI article also revealed that following this incident, the passenger was handed over to the security personnel of the Delhi airport once the flight landed. This is not an isolated incident. Many incidents of passengers behaving in an unruly manner are being reported.

Earlier this year, there was a string of incidents where certain passengers, in an inebriated state, ended up urinating on co-passengers. There also have been incidents where passengers have started a brawl with other passengers or crew members while the flight was still in the air. While alcohol plays a prominent role in such situations, there are many incidents where passengers aren’t drunk at all.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons