19,000 Hajj Pilgrims, 4 Cities, 2 Airlines; Air India All Set To Carry Pilgrims To Jeddah & Medina

by Deeplata Garde
19,000 Hajj Pilgrims, 4 Cities, 2 Airlines; Air India All Set To Carry Pilgrims To Jeddah & Medina

Haj has applied certain restrictions on its visitors. But the recent news regarding the pilgrimage speaks a different story. Thousands of Indian pilgrims travelling to the Hajj from four cities will be transported by two airlines that are part of the same corporation. We are talking about the India-based airline Air India.

Air India Is Running Multiple Flights For Haj

Air India
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This year, Air India has 46 special Hajj flights planned from India to Medina and Jeddah via Chennai and Jaipur. These flights will be run from May 21 to June 21 during the first phase, and 43 flights will be used between July 3 to August 2 to transport the guests back. The airline’s Boeing 787 and Airbus 321neo planes will transport a little over 10,000 passengers to Saudi Arabia. Air India was finally very pleased with the return of the yearly special flights from the cities of Chennai and Jaipur for the revered Haj pilgrimage. While Air India Express will run out of Kannur and Kozhikode. The airline would work together with Air India Express to offer guests on this pilgrimage unmatched levels of convenience and comfort.

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Over 17000 Pilgrims From India Will Travel To The Pilgrimage

Air India
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As Hajj is the focus this year, the affordable airline, Air India has selected Kozhikode and Kannur. It has established a significant presence in these two cities. During the initial phase, the airline will use its Boeing 737 aircraft to run 44 flights from Kozhikode to Jeddah. A total of 6,363 passengers, will accommodate in it. Whereas 13 flights from Kannur to Jeddah will carry 1,873 passengers. The airline would operate 57 flights carrying 8,236 people in total during the initial phase. The pilgrims would be flown from Medina to Kozhikode and Kannur during the second phase, which runs from July 13 to August 2.

Annually Saudi Arabia assigns quotas to every nation in order to let a specific number of individuals into the kingdom. More than double the number the quota of 80,000 pilgrims it was authorised to send the previous year. India has been given permission to send 175,000 Hajj pilgrims this year. The Hajj Committee of India has received more than 80% of the pilgrims travelling for the Hajj, with the remaining 20% going to private Hajj operators.

That’s a lot of flights and a huge number of pilgrims travelling from India.

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