Air India Offers A Fee Waiver On Rescheduling Or Cancellation Of Flights To & From Imphal

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Air India Offers A Fee Waiver On Rescheduling Or Cancellation Of Flights To & From Imphal

You all must be aware of the ongoing riots in Manipur. Several houses and vehicles have been set on fire in different parts of the state, including the Imphal Valley. Manipur is in a state of complete unrest right now. Looking at the current situation, Air India stepped in to help its passengers who had already booked their tickets to and from Imphal in a very kind and responsible gesture. 

Air India Offers Fee Waiver Looking At The Current Manipur Riots

Air India, in a very thoughtful and responsible manner, announced a notice for all the passengers who have booked their tickets to Imphal amidst the unrest in Manipur. 

The airline announced that it will be offering a full fee waiver on rescheduling and cancellation for all Air India flights to and from Manipur. This announcement was for the flights to and from Manipur, India, from May 4 to May 6. Air India announced this on its official Twitter handle on Friday. 

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Northeast Frontier Railway Stops Trains From Entering The State

Looking at the increasing unrest in the state of Manipur, the recent order is to shoot the rioters on sight. At midnight, authorities had to call in the Army due to the overnight violence in tribal areas against any attempt by the government to add the majority Meitei community to the scheduled tribe list.

The Northeast Frontier Railway has been ordered to stop all Manipur-bound trains from entering the state. No trains will be entering the state until the situation normalises.  

Mobile internet, broadband services have also been disrupted in the state. A curfew was announced for at least eight districts. 

Last month, the Manipur High Court ordered the state administration to give a proposal to the Centre about the Meitei community’s request for ST status within four weeks. The tribe makes up roughly 40% of the state’s population, although the Meiteis, who rule the Imphal valley, make up 53%.

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We hope the riots end soon!

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