Air India Express Dubai-Mangalore Flight Delayed For 10 Hrs; Furious Passengers Tweet To Officials

by Deeplata Garde
Air India Express Dubai-Mangalore Flight Delayed For 10 Hrs; Furious Passengers Tweet To Officials

Air India Express flights are usually in the news for their affordability and frequency. But this time it ain’t good news! The India-based airline has made people angry this time. Dubai-Mangalore flight which was set to depart on Sunday was delayed by 10 hrs leaving passengers angry and frustrated.

Technical Snag Blamed For The Delay

The familiar story of technical issues never gets old. It’s the same this time. Air India stated some technical issue led to this 10 hr delay for its Air India Express flight IX 814. But passengers were left furious as some of them claimed that an announcement stating the delay was not announced. The inconvenience caused to the travellers due to this was frustrating.

According to sources, another reason for the delay is the extensive rehabilitation and recarpeting work being done at Mangaluru Airport’s runway 06/24, which prevents flights from landing there between the hours of 9.30 am and 6 pm, with the exception of on Sundays and federal holidays. The work that began on January 27 will last through the end of this month.

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A Tweet From Passengers Informed The Delay Of Air India Express

Two tweets namely from handles @pritham_1974 and @Nenmeli took to Twitter to announce the suffering of passengers at Dubai Airport.
The prime complaint of travellers was that they were not provided prior info about the delay and hence were stuck for 10 hrs at Dubai Airport terminal 2. After waiting for like an hr the airlines and airport announced the delay. A text should have been sent citing the delay as the passenger’s complaint.

Air India Express source informed about the landing at Mangaluru International Airport. The time stated for landing was 6.45 pm.

Air India Express flight IX 813 was also delayed by 4 hours which was set to fly on the same route on Saturday. The mentioned flight was supposed to take off at 23.05 pm from Mangaluru airport. But after the informed delay the flight departed around 3:15 am on Sunday.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Air India Express