Air India Flight Delayed As Pilot And Crew Member Fight Over Pilot’s Lunch Box

by Angel Srivastava
Air India Flight Delayed As Pilot And Crew Member Fight Over Pilot’s Lunch Box

People choose flights over other modes of transport because of it being time efficient. But at the same time there is nothing more annoying than a delayed travel caused due to the management. On June 17th the passengers of Air India’s flight AI-772, flying from Bengaluru to Kolkata faced a delay of 2 hours. This delay took place because of an argument between the pilot and a crew member.

What’s It?

Air India’s Flight AI-772 was scheduled to depart from Bengaluru Airport on June 17th at exactly 11:40, but was delayed by 2 hours because the pilot and the cabin crew got into an argument over the Pilot’s lunch box.

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Image Credits: Dunya News

The pilot had just had lunch, sometime before, and asked the cabin crew member to rinse his lunchbox before they took off! The crew member refused the pilots demeaning order which then lead to a two hour long argument.

The authorities were immediately informed about the situation. While it was resolved at the time, both, the pilot and the crew member have been called to Delhi for further interrogation. As a result of the incident, Air India might also ban pilots to bring their food on board.

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Image Credits: Hindustan Times

What’s More?

This isn’t the first time that Air India is facing a pilot-food related fiasco. Earlier this year in March, Air India pilots were found ordering food like smoked salmon, burgers soups, guacamole and hummus with pita bread to their cabins. Following this, Air India instructed the pilots not to order special meals for them selves during the flight as they are required to stick to a meal schedule laid down by the company.

Air India is not exactly the people’s favourite airline, and with fiascos like this increasing