All Women Crew At Air India For Women’s Day!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
All Women Crew At Air India For Women’s Day!

Under 140 Characters

Air India is celebrating International Women’s Day with an all-women crew! How cool is that?!

What Is It?

For over 40 domestic flights and 12 international flights, Air India is deploying all women employees on International Women’s Day to salute women for their outstanding work.

Credits: The Sunday Gaurdian

“Seldom has a single airline scheduled so many flights – operated by its women employees – setting a benchmark to reiterate the equal role and opportunity women rightly deserve in any organisation,” AI responded, as their message behind this initiative.

What’s In It

The world’s longest non-stop flight (i.e Delhi to San Francisco) will also be run under this initiative as scheduled.

Credits: DailyFT

Even the technical services for these flights will be tended to by women engineers, doctors, technicians etc.

We salute the all-women crew at Air India!