Stranded Air India Flight AI173 In Russia FINALLY Takes Off To San Francisco With 216 Passengers

by Tooba Shaikh
Stranded Air India Flight AI173 In Russia FINALLY Takes Off To San Francisco With 216 Passengers

If you travel via air regularly, you know that flights being delayed are a part and parcel of the aviation industry routine. However, this recent case of the stranded Air India flight was quite the unfortunate exception. Now, after being stuck in Russia for almost two days, the flight is finally back on its course and is heading to San Francisco. All the passengers are no doubt grateful for it.

Stranded Air India Flight AI173 In Russia Finally Back On Course

On the 6th of June, an Air India flight from the Indira Gandhi International Airport or the IGIA was heading to San Francisco in the United States of America or the USA. However, due to some serious technical problems the flight was diverted to Magadan in Russia’s Siberia where it made an emergency landing.

The flight, which was numbered AI173, was carrying a total of 213 passengers along with 16 crew members. According to an article published by the livemint, most of the passengers were given accommodation in places in colleges, hostels, etc.

Now, after 39 hours of being stranded in the country, Air India sent a replacement flight which took all the passengers to San Francisco. All the 232 people stuck will reach San Francisco at 12:15 AM (PDT) on Thursday. To further ease their travel, Air India has also mobilised personnel at the San Francisco airport to ensure smoother clearance formalities.

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Passengers Faced Issues Of Accommodation, Food & Cleanliness

Given the harsh weather conditions, and the war between Ukraine and Russia, passengers faced issues regarding food, cleanliness, etc. They were unable to use their credit cards as well because of it. Reports even mentioned that around 20 people had to sleep in one room on mattresses.

The aircraft, which was a Boeing 777 had a major technical glitch in its engine. Many have said that a major mishap could have resulted had the glitch not been discovered. Hence, the flight had to make an emergency landing.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons