Passport Lost Or Stolen Abroad On A Trip? Here’s How Indians Can Still Return To India

by Shreya Ghosh
Passport Lost Or Stolen Abroad On A Trip? Here’s How Indians Can Still Return To India

Travelling abroad and exploring the world is the dream of every travel enthusiast. But to enter international destinations, all of us need to carry some crucial documents such as a passport, visa, and a lot more. It is important to ensure that nothing gets lost in foreign countries, or else we can face issues because of that. If someone ends up losing a passport, unfortunately, here’s what to do in such situations.

Content Creator Shared Video Describing Steps To Follow After A Passport Gets Stolen

Sharanya Iyer, aka trulynomadly has shared the solution to a major problem that anyone can face while travelling abroad. If someone steals your passport in a foreign country, do not panic and get anxious. Instead, follow these rules to figure out the solution to return to India.

Sharanya Iyer took to this video to talk about her experiences when her passport got stolen on a train while exploring Europe. If you ever face such a situation in Europe, here’s what you need to do.

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You will be provided with an Emergency Certificate to return to India. This certificate is issued by The Indian Embassy.

  • The first and foremost step is to file an FIR at the suspected area of theft.
  • Next, Sharanya visited the Indian Embassy in Rome to get the Emergency Certificate.
  • To get that, she had to submit the original hard copy of the FIR, soft copies of the passport and visa, a hard copy of a form (that she filled and signed as well), a confirmed ticket to fly back to India, 2 passport-sized photographs, and an amount of €14 in cash.

It took 24 hours to receive the Emergency Certificate. Remember that the certificate does not let anyone enter other countries. You can only return to India using it.

Some Important Points To Note:

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While you are packing your bags, make sure you carry a few passport-sized photographs, soft copies of your passport and visa. You can even store a copy of your passport and visa on your mobile. Also, knowing the locations of the Indian Embassy is crucial. So, do some research and stay updated about the Indian Embassy locations and contact information.

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Hope this guide helps you if anyone loses their passport abroad.

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