Peak Delhi NCR Moment: A Car In Gurgaon Read VERNA Kya, Netizen Says “Verna Mai Tera Khoon Pi Jaunga”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Peak Delhi NCR Moment: A Car In Gurgaon Read VERNA Kya, Netizen Says “Verna Mai Tera Khoon Pi Jaunga”

Ask any Delhite, and they will say there is no place like their city. Well, it’s all about the people, the food, and the vibe they live in. Every other person thinks the same about his or her city. But talk about puns, and Delhiites, especially people from Gurgaon, will surely ace it. One such hilarious take was posted on X (formerly Twitter) which read “VERNA kya” on a car in Gurgaon and here’s how netizens reacted to this peak Delhi NCR moment. 

Peak Delhi NCR Moment: A Car In Gurgaon Read VERNA Kya

If you have been to Gurgaon or have any friends or relatives there, I am sure you know how crazy their humour can get. We mean, it’s surely unbeatable. 

A social media platform X (formerly Twitter) user, @the_motonomad shared a picture from Gurgaon. The picture features a white Hyundai VERNA. It shows the Hindi word “Kya” written below the VERNA logo, which makes it “VERNA Kya?”

For people who are not well-versed in Hindi or did not get this pun, Verna kya in Hindi goes like Verna-Varna (hindi), which means otherwise in English, and kya means what in English. So the phrase “Verna kya” means otherwise what. 

The user, @the_motonomad while sharing the picture, captioned it as “Gurgaon humour remains undefeated”. The post on X (formerly Twitter) has garnered over 250.7K views on the platform. Over 7.8K users have liked this picture. 

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Netizens And Their Reactions

Netizens laughed their hearts out at the picture posted by @the_motonomad. One of the users on the platform did not understand this pun, and hence the user who posted it tried to explain the same. 

Another user suggested that instead of writing Kya under the VERNA logo, the person should have been more creative. He suggested that the person should have used the KIA logo instead. Now KIA sounds like Kya in Hindi, just like Verna sounds like Varna. 

One of the users said that this is exactly how Gurgaon people react when you ask them to do their lessons. The people here are known to be upfront and super straightforward, so their response would generally be “otherwise what,” according to this user. 

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More Reactions

One user simply saw the Kya word and thought this to be a reference to the character of the boss from the 2008 movie Dasvidaniya. Another user related this to an old Hindi song that was picturised on Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit from Tezaab. 

Another user added a funny gif that is from a scene in the Hindi classic movie Sholay. It is a scene where Dharmendra tells Gabbar that otherwise he will drink his blood. One of the Netizens said it can be easily ready as Marna (die) kya if the driver is on a different level. 

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What are your views?

Cover Image Courtesy: @the_motonomad/X (Formerly Twitter)

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