‘Pehla Pyaar Cake’ To ‘Pyaar Mein Dhoka Cake’, This Bakery’s Valentine’s Day Menu Has The Internet In Splits

Valentine's Day Menu
by Sanjana Shenoy

The countdown for Valentine’s Day has begun which means love, flowers, chocolates, gifts and festive menus are in the air. And while plenty of bakeries and restaurants are serving date night options, heart-shaped muffins and whatnot for couples, there is one particular bakery that caters to singles and even the broken-hearted. Check out this bakery’s Valentine’s Day menu that will surely leave you in splits.

Bakery Creates Hilarious Valentine’s Day Special Menu

Instagram page, ‘emoboisofindia‘ shared a photo of a Valentine’s Day special menu of Raja Bakery. The extensive menu shows an array of cakes available for 250g and 500g. What stands apart in this menu are the hilarious names of cakes dedicated to everyone —couples, singles, heartbroken and every situation— first love, unrequited love and more.


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Take a look at the cakes you can get here, ‘Pehla Pyaar Cake’, ‘Girlfriend Cake’, ‘Boyfriend Cake’, ‘Ek Tarafa Pyaar Cake’, ‘Pyaar Mein Dhoka Cake’, ‘Mera Babu Cake’ (maybe for nibba-nibbis), ‘Harami Dosti Cake’ (dost who runs away with your gf), and ‘Single Ke Liye Cake’. There are also photos of the cakes near the names.

Starting from just ₹149 for 250g and going all the way up to ₹399 for 500g, these cakes are definitely romantic and a great consolation for others on Valentine’s Day. Marketing gimmick ho toh aisa! Netizens certainly had a field day showering the post with hilarious reactions. While one asked why boyfriend cake is costlier than the girlfriend one another wished they could read the note cropped in the picture. And yet another instantly wanted to order the ‘pyaar mein dhoka cake’.

Toronto Zoo Lets You Name A Cockroach After An Ex For V-Day

Folks, in yet another hilarious Valentine’s Day event, a zoo in Toronto lets you name a cockroach after your ex or someone you hate on Valentine’s Day for ₹1500. And that’s not all, you can later send an e-card to the most hated person named after the cockroach.

With so many crazy Valentine’s Day ideas and events, how are you planning to spend the most romantic or capitalist holiday of the year?

Cover Image Courtesy: emoboisofindia/ Instagram and Pixabay