People, Mumbai-Goa Highway’s Ghat Section Is Going To Be Partially Shut For 8 Days

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
People, Mumbai-Goa Highway’s Ghat Section Is Going To Be Partially Shut For 8 Days

Commuters who travel or will be travelling on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, here is some news for you! A section of the Mumbai-Goa highway will be partially shut down for the next 8 days, starting today. This partial closure is announced in order to carry out the work of widening the project. Hence, the vehicles on this route will be diverted to other routes during the partial closure. 

Mumbai-Goa Highway Will Be Shut For Few Days

The Parshuram Ghat section of the Mumbai-Goa highway will be closed for six hours every day until April 3. This ghat section will be closed from 12 pm to 6 pm. Under the state Public Works Department, the work through this national highway division will be carried out by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). 

The Parshuram Ghat section is about 5.40 km long, and the work for its 1.20km stretch is still pending. The 4.20 km of this section has already been concretised and is open to commuters. The work on the remaining 1.20 km stretch was delayed for various geographical reasons, as it falls in hilly terrain. 

Mumbai-Goa highway
Photo Credits: Canva

The Excavation Of The Hill Might Be Dangerous

According to officials, the hill will be excavated up to 25 metres, and it is impossible to rule out the possibility that earth and boulders will tumble onto the highway during the excavation. As a result, the route will be shut down.

The highway is being widened into four lanes under the economic corridor plan between Mumbai and Kanyakumari. The length of this corridor will be 1622 Km. This project will be 470 km long and will connect Panvel in Mumbai to Pollem in south Goa. (as reported by The Times Now)

 It is expected to be inaugurated by mid-2023. Once open to the public for travel, this highway is expected to cut travel time by 5 hours. Currently, it takes 12 hours to travel from Mumbai to Goa, but with this new development, the travel will be completed in just 7 hours. 

 This corridor will be similar to the Mumbai-Pune expressway and Samruddhi Corridor to Nagpur, as per the announcement by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. 

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Please take note and plan your travel accordingly.

Cover Image Courtesy:  Canva