UAE Fuel Prices Drop: Here’s How Much To Pay For A Full Tank

by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 1203

From the land of the oil wells, we expect the fuel price to be minimal. But with the recent stir, it has come out bright that UAE will see a fuel price drop. Driving in UAE is going to get expensive soon. So kickstart your vehicle and get your tanks filled asap. Because UAE is going observe a drop in the petrol-diesel prices for August 2022.

UAE’s Fuel Price Committee Has Declared Recent Updates

A full tank can cost you anywhere between Dh160 and Dh250

Prices Per Litre:

  1. Super 98 Petrol-Dh 4.03
  2. Special 95 Petrol- Dh 3.92
  3. E Plus 91 Petrol Dh 3.84
  4. Diesel Dh 4.14

Filling Capacity of Petrol-Diesel According To Your Vehicle


  1. Super 98- Dh307.1
  2. Special 95-Dh307.1
  3. E-plus-Dh293.04

The average filling capacity for SUV is 74litres.

Compact Cars

  1. Super 98-Dh211.65
  2. Special 95-Dh205.53
  3. E-plus-Dh201.96

You can utmost fill your compact car tanks up to 51 litres


  1. Super 98-Dh257.3
  2. Special 95-Dh249.86
  3. E-plus-Dh245.52

The sedan tanks get a full refill at around 62 litres.


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Yearwise Surge in Petrol-Diesel Prices


Months 2021 2022
Jan Dhs 1.91 Dhs2.65
Feb Dhs1.91 Dhs2.94
March Dhs2.21 Dhs3.23
April Dhs2.29 Dhs3.74
May Dhs2.30 Dhs3.66
June Dhs2.38 Dhs4.15
July Dhs2.47 Dhs4.63
August Dhs2.58 Dhs4.03
September Dhs2.55
October Dhs2.60
November Dhs2.80
December Dhs2.77

The 5% VAT is inclusive in all pricing. In August 2015, the UAE’s Ministry of Energy began determining gasoline prices based on average global pricing. Previously they subsidised the price of gasoline in the UAE. The government was responsible for protecting customers from global changes in the price of gas.

There has been a reduction in petrol prices for this month of May compared to the rising prices that occurred in the last two months.  But the long queues at the fuel stations will be the same as the decrease isn’t huge. So better reach out first rather than regret it later. As June observed a shoot-up in prices of fuel.


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