This Hidden Gem In Nagaland Is The Switzerland Of India

Nagaland Hidden Gem
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 841

When you hear the name of this hidden town, you might think it is in Switzerland. And when you see its pictures, you will be convinced too. But no, the town named Pfutsero is actually in India, wrapped by the misty hills of Nagaland. In fact, it is the highest town in Nagaland and experiences the coldest of temperatures. During the cold months, the mercury level at Pfutsero drops below zero degrees. Pfutsero is one of the best-kept secrets in Nagaland that will enchant every nature lover with its unspoilt natural beauty.


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The Highest Town In Nagaland Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Pfutsero, nestled in the Phek district of Nagaland will appeal to the traveller who is on the quest for the offbeat. It is around 2 hours 45 minutes away from Kohima by road and can be reached by a shared taxi or a bus. The journey from Kohima to Pfutsero is a mesmerising one, flanked by lofty mountains, floating clouds and lush greenery. The town surrounds a church and is replete with greenery. While the winter at Pfutsero is a snowy fairytale, the autumn here smiles with bright cherry blossoms. The pinnacle of Pfutsero is kenned as the Glory Peak. From here, one can feast eyes on the panoramic views of the mountain valley.

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Attend The Vibrant Tsükhenye Festival Here

Pfutsero isn’t just a pristine town, but it is home to rich culture too. The Pfütseromi Village near the town is the ground for the vibrant Tsükhenye festival. It is celebrated by the Khezha tribe, belonging to the Chakhesang community. It is essentially a harvest festival to welcome the spring season. It takes place between March and May every year. Tourists can also try local brews and dishes at the festival.


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So, if you want to dwell in a place not explored by many yet, escape to Pfutsero! Meanwhile, here are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Hornbill Festival In Nagaland.



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