Pizza Hut Ties Up With 100-YO Hong Kong Eatery To Serve World’s First Snake Pizza For ₹2000

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pizza Hut Ties Up With 100-YO Hong Kong Eatery To Serve World’s First Snake Pizza For ₹2000

Even before the pineapple-on-pizza debate can come to an amicable resolution, the world has now opened up to yet another unusual pizza topping— snakes! Yes, you read this right! Pizza Hut has just tied up with a 100-year-old Hong Kong restaurant, Ser Wong Fun to serve the world’s first snake pizza for ₹2000. But why snake pizza out of all other possible toppings? Read on to know why it’s worth its salt for Hong Kongers.

Pizza Hut Hong Kong Launches Snake Pizza

Pizza Hut Hong Kong took to its Instagram account to make a mouthwatering and equally slithering announcement.  The American fast food joint has teamed up with Ser Wong Fun restaurant— a 100-year-old Hong Kong eatery known for its snake dishes— to launch the world’s first snake pizza. The 9-inch pizza priced at ₹2000 will be available at all outlets in the nation until November 22.

The snake pizza has ingredients like snake meat, bamboo shoots, shredded mushrooms, chicken, cheese, dried tangerine peels, ham and chrysanthemums as some of its ingredients. Pizza Hut called it a “must-eat item” during the autumn and winter season. As per a report by CNN, the new pizza toppings include black mushrooms, Chinese dried ham and shredded snake meat. Instead of the traditional tomato base, the pizzas will have an abalone sauce as a base.

For those who are unfamiliar with this, abalone sauce is made of abalone, which is a type of premium shellfish. The Chinese love to consume abalone, especially during the Chinese New Year, as it’s believed to bring good luck. Abalone is nothing but a premium oyster which tastes similar to it.

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Modern Take On The Traditional Winter Delicacy, Snake Soup

snake pizza
Picture Credits: Canva

So, why did Pizza Hut Hong Kong launch the world’s first snake pizza? Why snake of all the other pizza toppings? Dating back over 2000 years, snake soup is a traditional winter delicacy. A popular Chinese saying suggests the best time to eat a snake is when the autumn wind begins to blow. And the snakes have fattened up for their hibernation. Typically made of shredded python and water snake meat, the soup has other ingredients like ginger, mushroom, pork bone and chicken.

The ingredients are stewed with aromatics like lemongrass and spices and finally seasoned with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Folks in Hong Kong gather in large numbers to slurp bowls of hot snake soup with their loved ones during the winter months. They believe snake meat has medicinal properties that can nourish their skin, improve blood flow and keep them warm in the chilly months. So, Pizza Hut came up with a snake pizza which is nothing but a modern take on the traditional winter delicacy, snake soup.

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Meanwhile, if you’re travelling to Hong Kong for winter, would you ever head to Pizza Hut to give this unique snake pizza a try? Also, are you curious to dive into the Cantonese winter traditions of slurping snake soup?

Cover Image Courtesy: @fion_li/ X and Unsplash

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