Planning To Go To Greece For A Honeymoon? From Cost To Time Taken, All About The Schengen Visa Process

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind while applying for a Schengen Visa for Greece.

by Anupriya Mishra
Planning To Go To Greece For A Honeymoon? From Cost To Time Taken, All About The Schengen Visa Process

Greece is one of the most picturesque destinations in the world, and it’s loved by couples from all over the globe. As a result, many people want to visit the country for their honeymoon. And I did the same! Yes, I visited Greece with my husband besides other mesmerising cities of Prague and Budapest. However, if the Schengen Visa process intimidates you and scares you away from achieving your dream honeymoon, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind while applying for a Schengen Visa for Greece.

Why Visit Greece For Honeymoon?

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Greece is a beautiful country that welcomes many tourists during the summer season. With its golden beaches and historical places in Athens, party destination of Mykonos, and picture-perfect sunset of Santorini, it’s one of the top choices for honeymooners. However, there are many important things that you might want to keep in mind before you apply for a visa to Greece.

Documents That You May Need

Visa Application
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Here is a list of some documents that you might need before you book an appointment for your visa for Greece. These were what I had to submit!

  • Passport

    You will be required to show your original passport with a validity of a minimum of three months (from the date of return) and two blank pages for the visa stamp. It’s worth noting that passports that have been issued beyond 10 years will not be accepted by the Embassy and handwritten passports won’t be accepted either. Besides this, you should also produce photocopies of valid US, UK, and previous Schengen Visas and attach your old passport, if any.

  • Visa Application Form

    One visa application form that should be duly filled and signed on Columns 37 and 38. The applicant’s mobile number should be mentioned in the form, as the Embassy or Consulate can contact the applicant at any point in time during visa processing. Ps. This form should be printed back-to-back.

  • Photo

    Two recent passport-size coloured photographs with matt or semi-matt finish must be submitted. These photos should have a close-up of your head and the top of your shoulders. And this should be so that your face takes up 70-80% of the photograph. Not to mention, it should have a white background and be without a border (Size: 35mm x 40mm). Additionally, it should not be more than 6 months old. Yes, and it shouldn’t be scanned/stapled, and used in any of the previous visas.

  • Cover Letter

    This letter from the applicant on business letterhead should mention name, designation, passport number, purpose, and duration of visit in brief. This letter should be duly signed by an authorised signatory with a company stamp. Not to mention, it should be addressed to ‘The Visa Officer, Embassy of Greece, New Delhi’.

  • Proof Of Travel & Accommodation

    You must show your airline reservation and ticket itinerary. Not to mention, the proof of accommodation, which can include hotel confirmation for the entire period of stay in the Schengen area. It’s important that the hotel should match the ticket dates and maximum stay should be in Greece.

  • Medical

    You must show your original Medical Insurance for the stay duration amounting to 30,000 Euros.

  • Financials

    For this, you will be required to submit the following documents –
    1.) Personal ITR for the last 3 yrs
    2.) Salary slips for the last six months
    3.) Original Personal Bank Statement for the last six months, which mentions the applicant’s name and address
    Please note: Internet Bank statements will not be accepted. Only Bank Statement with the name of the bank, branch address, contact number, applicant’s & company’s name, address, and account number will be accepted.
    4) Copy of Pan card.
    5) Credit Card copy/Foreign Exchange endorsement/Traveler’s Cheque

  • Proof of Occupation

    You may have to show an original No-Objection Letter from the employer that specifies the employment status and salary.
    Please note –
    If you’re married and travelling with your spouse, a copy of the Marriage Certificate may be required by the Embassy

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Tips For The Application Process

Schengen Visa
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Now that you’ve got some idea about the kind of documents, you might also require, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind when you appear for your appointment and for the entire visa process.

Be Sure About The Details
The details of your honeymoon, which includes the date of of travel, the route and the cities you plan to visit. You can be asked about them during your interview.
Be Confident But Not Arrogant
When you answer the question, be confident, but don’t let it come off as arrogance. Don’t Be Nervous
Some people can get nervous, don’t be them! It’s just a holiday, if you’ve submitted all the right documents and they’re verified, there’s nothing to be worried about.
Authenticity Of The Travel Details
Everything from your travel tickets to your hotel bookings should have receipts and dates, and well, be authentic. If you plan to produce a dummy ticket, just don’t! It’s quite easy to find out and the result won’t just leave your visa rejected, but might even get you banned.

What About The Fee & Processing Time Of The Visa?

Euro Notes
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Finally, the visa processing is incomplete without the visa processing fee. Since the visa that I applied for, was a Schengen Short Stay (Type C), we had to pay a fee of ₹10,700 per person.

It’s worth noting that the visa processing time is anywhere between 20 to 25 days. So, if all your documents are complete, you have paid the fees, and they are authentic and verified, your visa should arrive typically within 25 days.

You can opt for courier service from the VFS office or can also choose the option to physically collect your passport on your own.

So, go ahead and live your dream vacation with your husband or wifey dearest, and we are sure it will be the romantic getaway of your lifetime!

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