Planning To Ride To The Mountains? Here’re All The Safety Gears You Will Need

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Planning To Ride To The Mountains? Here’re All The Safety Gears You Will Need

Many of us at some point or the other think of leaving this chaotic life behind and settling down in the lap of  mountains, don’t we? While it is not practically possible for everyone to do that, a small getaway into the mountains can do the trick. You might have a friend who rides a bike or must have seen a bikers group  and every time they find time, they ride to the mountains. Well,if you too are inspired by them, here  are some safety gears you should possess.  

1. All Season Jackets

The temperature gradually drops as you ride to higher altitudes, so it’s important to acclimate your body to the lower temperature. Wearing a hot weather jacket will make you uncomfortable in the cold and cold ones will make you uncomfortable in the hot weather. So it is advisable to invest in a good quality all season or all weather jackets. Many of them have liners which help you to adjust the jacket according to the weather and your needs. 

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2. Helmet

Well wearing a helmet while riding is a very basic point yet the most important one. Helmets are important as they make sure that the most important part of your body, that is the head, is safe. Invest in good quality helmets always. The helmet must be properly fitting and make sure to not remove it while covering risky mountains. 

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3. Riding Boots

No, you cannot wear your normal sneakers or shoes or boots while riding to the mountains. As not so useful it seems, it is one of the important things to make sure that you wear proper waterproof riding boots. Boots that are protective and waterproof are increasingly necessary as you encounter obstacles like loose gravel and extremely cold river crossings.

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4. Gloves

Gloves are the most crucial item of clothing to wear when travelling to chilly climates. And not just any gloves, but ones made for chilly climates. Only these gloves can prevent your fingertips from becoming numb, which would impair your concentration and riding experience as a whole. Similar to boots, gloves shield your hands from the frigid wind when riding as well as from injury in the event of a fall. 

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