Popular Restaurant- Public Now Delivers To Dubai And Abu Dhabi

by Angel Merchant
Popular Restaurant- Public Now Delivers To Dubai And Abu Dhabi

During these pressing times, we’re constantly looking for ways to avoid the kitchen. If the home confinement wasn’t already depressing, the constant cooking has transformed our lives into one depressing monotony. So when we hear news about new restaurants offering take out, it’s as good as the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, another reason to stay away from the kitchen! The popular American food joint, Public, is now offering home delivery across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Public is famous for all sorts of tasty classical American dishes such as buffalo wings, pizza, and pasta. The restaurant is especially famous for serving food that feels home-cooked. Their popular meals range from Buffalo pizza, Truffle pasta, and their best selling dessert, Public Tiramisu. The rich creamy sweet is made with a special homemade recipe and has been satisfying customers for ages! You might want to make sure your order the Tiramisu beforehand, the run out almost every night!

Another feature Public is famous for, is there DIY cooking kits. If you’re bored, which is definitely a given during these times, you can order a Do It Yourself cooking kit of any one of your favorite dishes from Public. You can enjoy the experience of creating your favorite delectable meals, and make it a fun day with family or friends!

How To Order

You can order your meals and DIY kits via Chatfood, an online food delivery platform. You can check out more info on Chatfood, and how to order on their Instagram page. They also offer a variety of discounts on other restaurants and meals, so make sure to check them out for some good deals.

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