4 Types Of Food Bloggers On Quarantine

by Sanjana Shenoy
4 Types Of Food Bloggers On Quarantine

Food bloggers used to have a field day clicking and blogging about their culinary adventures before the lockdown. But now that they are stuck at home, with no restaurants or pubs to visit, they sure are facing withdrawal symptoms. So here are 4 types of food bloggers on quarantine. If you know any friends who are food bloggers, then do let them know which one type of food blogger they resemble during this lockdown.

1. Food Bloggers Turned Into Chefs

These are the types of food bloggers who might have gorged exotic delicacies in luxurious restaurants but they don’t seem to have entered the kitchen in their own home. The lockdown has now left them with no option but to create the very food that they will have to review for their fans. So food bloggers have now turned into chefs.

2. Food Bloggers Who Give Real Reviews

Now that food bloggers cant go to any restaurants to review delicious food, many are left with the option to review what’s already available at home. They can either prepare their own dishes or perhaps review the ingredients available. So now they are all set award ‘sabka favourite’ aloo with 4 stars out of 5. Reviews have become too real to be true, haven’t they?

3. Food Bloggers Who Post Not So Drool-Worthy Photos

these are the type of food bloggers who don’t have the perfect lighting or the most appetizing looking food to test their food photography skills. So now due to the lockdown they are left posting not so drool-worthy pics in the comfort of their homes.

4. Food Bloggers Who Live Taste Their Food And It Goes Wrong

Some food bloggers have started hosting live sessions on social media for their fans, where they taste their food live and things go wrong. The camera captures their true expressions when they taste gear ka khaana, and it’s not so pleasing to the eye.

Well, these are the 4 types of food bloggers during quarantine period. If you have any friends who might be food bloggers and suffering from withdrawal symptoms right now, let them know who they are and if you don’t have any friends who are food bloggers, then maybe it’s you who’s going a bit crazy during this lockdown!