Private Moments Of Couples Secretly Filmed In OYO Rooms; Noida Gang Busted

by Vinita Jain
Private Moments Of Couples Secretly Filmed In OYO Rooms; Noida Gang Busted

The Noida police arrested four people for filming obscene videos of couples in OYO hotel rooms. According to reports, after filming such videos in OYO rooms secretly, the gang used to blackmail the couples for money. The gang also had a call centre for it.

The Gang Also Involved Violence When Threats Didn’t Work

ADCP’s Saad Miya Khan said that police had arrested four people identified as Khoda, Vishnu Singh (Garhi Chaukhandi), Pankaj Kumar (Noida), Abdul Wahav, and Anurag Kumar, residents of Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad. Initially, the police arrested two and then they revealed that there is a gang who extorts money from people.

Picture Credit: Pexels ( for representation)

Vishnu and Abdul were involved in secretly filming couples at OYO spaces and extorting money from them by threatening to release the film. Along with threatening people they also used violence if somebody didn’t pay the respective amount. Pankaj spent ₹15,000 to provide SIM cards and bank accounts that were used for the blackmail.

Anurag has set up scam call centres to scam victims under the guise of selling iPhones at a discount on the Internet market. According to police, Anurag previously operated three contact centres and did so for nearly two years.

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Case Has Been Filed Against People Secretly Filming Videos In OYO Rooms

Phase 3 Noida Police Department filed suit under IPC section 420, section 386 ‘Extortion with Threat of Serious Injury or Death, and section 506 ‘Punishment for Criminal Intimidation.

Following interrogation, police tracked down and arrested Pankaj and Anurag. Defendant Pankaj provided his SIM cards to people involved in illegal business, and defendant Anurag operated an unlicensed call centre. If reports are to be believed, that police seized computer-related items, CPUs, 21 mobile phones, 22 ATM cards, and 11 laptops.

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Cover image courtesy: Pexels