Pune International Airport: Architecture, Facilities, Cost And Operation, All You Need To Know

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Pune International Airport: Architecture, Facilities, Cost And Operation, All You Need To Know

The new integrated terminal building of the Pune International Airport is all set to welcome travellers soon. The airport is all set to undergo all the trials and system testing by July’s end. If everything goes well, the swanky new terminal building will be operational for passengers in September 2023. From architecture to facilities, here’s all you need to know about this new development. 

New Terminal Building Of Pune International Airport

The new integrated terminal building of Pune International Airport was built at a cost of ₹475 crore. The new building will ease the congestion caused during peak hours. Passengers will no longer have to wait in long queues as the terminal will have an in-line baggage handling system and 35 check-in counters. 

With a built-up area of 7,50,000 square feet, the new terminal will have the capacity to serve about 16 million people annually. The capacity of the existing terminal building is 5 million. 

The structure will have a four-star GRIHA rating and be energy-efficient. A 36000 square foot space has been set aside for F&B and retail establishments for the guests’ enjoyment.

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Trial Runs From July End, Operations From September

The verandah, which is almost 360 metres long, is a unifying façade that acts as a large urban fresco that tells the tale of the rich social, historical, aesthetic, and immaterial culture of Pune and Maharashtra in addition to providing shelter from the sun and rain. 

Beautiful Maratha arches and decorated columns with a finish of regional dark stone, which is typically seen in most of the heritage sites throughout Maharashtra, support the facade of the public area beneath the large verandah.  

The Shaniwar Wada Gardens, one of Pune’s most recognisable monuments, served as the main inspiration for the new forecourt garden design.

At the end of July, the new terminal building at the Pune international airport will go through system testing. It will be ready for use by travellers and flight operations by September end. 

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