Pune Man Gets Duped Into Paying ₹23K On Date; Here Are Some Other Restaurant Scams To Beware Of

by Tooba Shaikh
Pune Man Gets Duped Into Paying ₹23K On Date; Here Are Some Other Restaurant Scams To Beware Of

Online dating is risky for a number of reasons. If you’ve had reservations about online dating, this piece of news will probably confirm all your fears. In a shocking series of events, a Pune man got duped into paying a bill of more than ₹23,000! The scam was revealed on social media when a user shared the story online with everyone. Here is how this man’s romantic date went awry!

Pune Man Gets Duped Into Paying ₹23,000 On A Date

Online dating is risky for anyone involved. Many people have a plethora of fears when it comes to online dating. From heartbreak to scams, finding someone who is decent online is definitely difficult. This incident that happened with a man in Pune will confirm all your fears about online dating. He was recently, scammed on a date into paying a hefty bill.

On September 30th when he got matched with a girl on the famous dating application, Bumble, the last thing he was expecting was a scam. The two spoke sporadically after they matched and soon, decided to meet in person. The place she recommended that they meet at Gypsy A Moto Pub. This pub is located in the Bhugaon region of Pune in Maharashtra. 

According to the post on X (formerly known as Twitter), when the two met, the lady quickly ordered a bottle of wine and Hookah. Because the man was unaware as to how much it cost, he assented to the purchase. However, he received a nasty shock once the bill arrived. The Hookah cost ₹10,000 and the wine bottle cost ₹15,000 according to an article recently published by Zee News.

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Other Scams: Shanghai’s Famous Tea House Scam

The total bill was more than ₹23,000! The lady said that the man must pay the bill in full and that if he tried to leave the restaurant without paying, the pub owners would trace him through his car number and get his family involved. Scared, the man was forced to pay the bill in full. Such scams are increasingly common these days and it is important to be vigilant. Many people online suggested that the lady must have been hired by the restaurant to dupe other men.

A similar scam is the famous Shanghai Tea House scam. It was a scam that was commonly pulled on foreigners by local people. A group would approach a foreigner and strike up a conversation. They would then take him to a tea house and force the foreigner to buy expensive or overpriced tea. Often, lies were told to get the customers to buy the tea.

For instance, a tourist may be told that a particular kind of tea may be rare or has medicinal properties. The tourists would then be forced to pay through their noses for it. Foreigners are commonly scammed in countries they visit. It is also sometimes common for restaurants to slip in unnecessary extra charges in the bill. One must be very careful, therefore.

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Have you or anybody you knew ever fallen victim to such scams? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @DeepikaBhardwaj/X (Formerly, Twitter) Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

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