Pune Woman Started Salad Business With ₹3500 Now Earns ₹1.25 Lakhs Per Month

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 1028

To build a business, you have to have it all: dedication, creativity and a rock-solid plan of attack. Meet Meghna Bafna, who now runs a successful salad business of her own and defines a successful entrepreneur. Meghna, who also works with a real estate company, soon realised that she could win the world with her salad-making skills. She started selling salads through online messaging groups and what seems as her hobby and part-time work, soon helped her earn lakhs every month. She wrote a success story in no time.

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Meghna’s Kitchen Gave Employment To Many

Meghna started with ₹3500 and now earns ₹1.25 lakhs per month. How did she get here? Meghna’s genuine love for making salads blossomed into a business, thanks to her patience and passion. Meghna started with selling chana chaat, mix corn, beetroot and pasta salad, and in no time the orders started pouring in. And that’s not all. With the increasing demand she has now given employment to 19 people, including who women do chopping and men do deliveries. The opportunity to be her own boss and do what she loved every day was enough to work hard without giving up.

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Megnha Used WhatsApp As A Medium To Get Orders

She solely uses WhatsApp to sell her range of delicious salads. Meghna has always been fond of making salads. Since she did not want to make them only herself, she decided to serve salads to a broader audience. She designed a small creative and passed it on to her friends and acquaintances over WhatsApp. She then followed it up by posting on the Pune Ladies Group on Facebook where she invited people to order over WhatsApp. WhatsApp helped her business take off slowly.



Meghna Wants To Start A Franchise

Megha wishes to expand her business, but the pandemic has put a brake on her dreams for now. She cannot have the franchise of her startup until the end of the pandemic. Though the work has resumed since August and she is also a regular at her office.

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Megha’s success story teaches us one thing: Only when you trust yourself and your skills, can you navigate through life in a way that’s your own.

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