Inspirational Story Of Food Delivery Boy Turned Entrepreneur – Traffic Vada Pav In Mumbai

by Sanjana Shenoy
Inspirational Story Of Food Delivery Boy Turned Entrepreneur – Traffic Vada Pav In Mumbai

Have you been stuck in traffic, hungry, thirsty just counting the minutes to reach home? Gaurav Londhe was stuck in traffic too in November 2019. The food delivery boy from Mumbai yearned for a glass of water and a snack to satiate his hunger when he was stuck in traffic. Well, what started as a seed of an idea, germinated into a full-fledged food startup 4 months later as Traffic Vada Pav. So here’s the story of the gritty, determined entrepreneur and his unique food venture, Traffic Vada Pav that brings happiness to hundreds of tired people who are stuck in traffic jams in Mumbai.

The Idea For Traffic Vada Pav

The idea for Traffic Vada Pav came to Gaurav Londhe’s mind when he was stuck in a traffic jam in Andheri at night. The tired delivery man used to leave his home at 9 am every morning and reach back at 9 pm, thanks to traffic. But one such day in November 2019, he wished he could get a glass of water and a quick snack when he was stuck in a jam. That made him realise that someone ought to start this initiative as there were many more hungry tired people like him. But he was not just a thinker, he was someone he wanted to put his plans into action.

After conducting thorough research, Gaurav convinced his family to help him start his venture and support him in his endeavours. His family were initially shocked when they came to know that he left his job and wanted to start his own business. But the determined man told them that he didn’t want to work under anyone and start his own Vada Pav business. His wife Sonu Londhe was really surprised and wondered if it was really a good idea to start a Vada Pav business. And his mother, Ranjana Londhe felt that this was not an easy job for her son. She told him it will be very difficult to manoeuvre the traffic and there are risks involved in this. The concerned mother told her son to rent a shop and start his business there. But Gaurav Londhe said that he wanted to start his business on his terms, no matter what.

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Challenges Gaurav Faced And How He Overcame Them

With the help of the accumulated money from his previous job and some financial help from his mother, Gaurav Londhe finally started Traffic Vada Pav. But things weren’t easy for him in the beginning. On the first day of his new business, he took 50 vada pavs from home, neatly boxed with small bottles of water. But people were quite apprehensive about the contents in the box. So Gaurav smartly gave al the Vada Pavs for free, with the hope that people might like them and come back for more, but this time with the readiness to pay for them. This was his presence of mind and his unique marketing strategy. And yes! He was successful.

Today, Traffic Vada Pav is not just a business which sells neatly boxed vada pav and water bottles to people stuck in traffic, but it’s also a brick and mortar store, where anyone who craves for a snack and can sit down and enjoy a vada pav. If you’re ever stuck in a traffic jam at Teen Hath Naka Signal in Thane, you can easily spot your saviours dressed in orange t-shirts donning orange caps. Did you know Mumbai Is One Of The World’s Most Traffic Congested Cities As Per Annual Traffic Index?

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The Success of Traffic Vada Pav

Gaurav Londhe might have been delivering food and still continues to do so today. The only difference is that now he is the proud owner of his own business. And even though the road to success was a tough one, it was a fulfilling and fruitful one. Gaurav sells around 400 Vada Pavs a day along with small bottles of water, all priced at just ₹20. His customers are extremely happy with his unique concept and delicious food. He met a woman who got out of her car and clicked a photo with him. In no time, his story took social media by storm.

But success is not always about money or popularity. Gaurav and his wife, Sonu had their own share of success when they reunited with Sonu’s family whom they were estranged from after they decided to get married. Sonu’s family members spotted Gaurav and his business Traffic Vada Pav on Watsapp. Sonu has reunited with her family thanks to Gaurav’s business. In another heartwarming story, Satish Vada Pav Wala Still Sells Vada Pavs To School Kids For Rs 5 So They Don’t Go Hungry

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Vada Pav At Traffic Vada Pav

At Traffic Vada Pav you can get a cute box of Vada Pav with a bottle of water for just ₹20. The box is quirky with bright coloured designs. When you open the box you can find a Pav, foiled packet with hot a Vada, a small packet of green chutney and chilly. The foil packet keeps the Vada hot. Place the Vada in the Pav, pour the green chutney and gorge on it with little bites of chilly. It’s hot, spicy, flavoursome and super delicious. It reflects the flavours of a good home cooked Vada Pav. And let’s tell you that once you have this your hunger will be satiated and you will be left energised on your journey.

Gaurav Londhe’s Vision For Traffic Vada Pav

The Mumbai entrepreneur hopes that Traffic Vada Pav would one day become a brand. He wishes that the Maharashtra Vada Pav would make its way to other cities in India. Gaurav hopes that everyone stuck in traffic would get something to eat and drink and the concept of Traffic Vada Pav should go to places and help everyone in need. Today, Gaurav’s mother is very proud of him. She never wanted her son to go in the sidelines and today he is definitely in the limelight. His wife Sonu, advises wives out there, to support their husbands’ dreams. She conveys to women to first listen to their husband’s dreams and then make a decision, rather than forcing one’s opinions on them. In yet another Inspirational Story Avani Awasthee Is The Youngest Indian To Travel To Antarctica

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Gaurav Londhe’s message to young entrepreneurs is that everyone must have a positive mindset, a vision and mission in life. Once you have that then nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, as no dream is big or small. So the next time you’re stuck in traffic at Teen Hath Naka Signal, remember that Gaurav and his team at Traffic Vada Pav will be there to bring a huge smile on your face through the delicious Vada Pavs!

Address: Teen Hath Naka Flyover, Bhakti Mandir, Panch Pakhdi, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400604
Timings: 6 am to 10 pm
Contact: 098679 74555