Bangalore Is The World’s Most Traffic Congested City As Per Annual Traffic Index

If you’ve often found yourself arguing with your friends as to which Indian city has the most traffic, then we’re here to officially announce the winner for 2019. Bangalore is not only India’s coveted winner, but also the world’s most traffic-congested city. A leading in-vehicle navigation company, TomTom released its annual Traffic Index which covered 416 cities across 57 countries on 6 continents. Giving insights from both real-time and historical data ranks urban congestion worldwide. And as per the data collected India is the worst-hit country suffering from traffic congestion, Bangalore having the world’s worst traffic. Apart from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune are the other Indian cities on this list.

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What’s In It?

TomTom Traffic Index revealed that Bangalore has a traffic congestion as high as 71% and 20th August 2019 , Tuesday was the worst day with a whopping 103% congestion. And 6th April 2019, Saturday was the best day with 30% congestion. The report further revealed that travelling after 8 pm on Friday can save a Bangalorean 5 hours per year. And thanks to the acute traffic crisis a resident of this city loses on an average 243 hours or 10 days and 3 hours. The percentages of traffic congestion indicate that a trip will take 71% of more time than it would during Bangalore’s baseline uncongested conditions.

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The other 3 Indian cities on this list are Mumbai taking the 4th spot, Pune following behind on the 5th spot and  Delhi, the capital of India taking the 8th spot. Mumbai records a massive 65% of traffic congestion and 9th September 2019 was the worst day. And on an average, a Mumbaikar loses 209 hours due to traffic congestion. Pune tails Mumbai, having 59% traffic congestion with 2nd August 2019 being the worst day. And even though Delhi has the most number of cars in India, its still recorded to have the best road conditions compared to major Indian cities. The national capital Delhi is on a comfortable 8th spot with 56% traffic congestion. A Delhiite loses 190 hours thanks to bad traffic jams and witnessed 23rd October as the worst day.

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What’s More?

Now that we have informed you about the 4 Indian cities which have made it to this unfortunate list due to several reasons like bad road conditions, lack of efficient public transportation or unplanned city problems, here are the global cities that are the most traffic-congested in the world. Manila in the Philippines has taken the 2nd position after Bangalore having a similar 71% traffic congestion and Bogota in Colombia is on the 3rd spot with 68% traffic congestion. Moscow in Russia, Lima in Peru, Istanbul in Turkey and Jakarta in Indonesia are on the 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th spot respectively.

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This report by the Dutch navigation and mapping company ranks global cities by the average time added to a trip. TomTOM records and calculates the baseline per city by evaluating free-flow travel times of all vehicles on the entire road network – recorded 24/7, 365 days a year. Details on when the congestion is lightest and heaviest, the amount of time wasted by drivers, waiting for others to get out of the way is also calculated and recorded. Traffic congestions lead to a massive waste of time, fuel and efforts. It leads to a passenger feeling fatigued, stressed and tired. And we do hope that the Indian government takes this into consideration, so Indian cities don’t top this list next year. Maybe somewhere in the future, you can Say Good Bye To Traffic Because Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore Will Soon Have Uber Air

Sanjana Shenoy
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