Say Good Bye To Traffic Because Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore Will Soon Have ‘Uber Air’

by Angel Srivastava
Say Good Bye To Traffic Because Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore Will Soon Have ‘Uber Air’

If you are just done with the traffic in your city and the time it takes you to travel anywhere, we have some news for you! Uber is in talks of introducing ‘Uber Air’ in Delhi and Mumbai and we just cannot wait to get a ride in these flying taxis. Uber is very interested in India in terms of a potential Air market, and it is on top of their list.

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What Is It?

While Melbourne, Australia is the first place that is set to host Uber Air, Uber has got it’s eyes set on India to be the next in Market. Apart from Los Angeles and Dallas, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are the potential options to start the trials of these aerial cabs.

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Uber aims to launch the service in Australian, American, and Indian markets by the end of 2023.

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While India offers a lots of challenges, the project seems promising. Uber has even had a few discussions with the Aviation authorities in India.

What’s More?

Uber believes that taking an ‘Uber Air’ will prove to be more efficient as well as affordable as compared to it’s on-road counterpart. They believe that on a daily basis it will be more convenient economically and otherwise, to fly rather than drive.

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The company is on the road to start trials of the Uber Air starting next year.

Earlier this year Uber had introduced ‘ScUber’ in Australia, which is an underwater rideshare service that promises an unfiltered 180-degree view of Australia’s prominent World Heritage Site, The Great Barrier Reef.

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Looks like Uber has got big plans in revolutionizing traveling across the cities. With projects like ‘ScUber’ and ‘Uber Air’ the ride-sharing company is sure to make a huge difference in the Industry.

What has got us excited is the fact that no more endless time wasting being stuck in the hours of traffic these cities offer. Tell us, what got you more excited, ‘Uber Air’ or ScUber’.