Putting A Positive Spin On Ageing, Senior World Takes Senior Citizens On Trips Around The World

Senior World
by Mallika Khurana

Travelling and finding comfort outside of your home can be quite therapeutic. It is beneficial for most people, irrespective of their age. However, not everyone can enjoy this luxury. While kids can travel along with their parents and adults may take a solo trip, it is only the senior citizens who have nobody to assist them with travel. With our busy schedules, it is almost impossible for us to make time to take our parents on holiday. Well, now the scenario could be changing. Senior World is a startup like no other, providing travel services for senior citizens. 

Senior World Takes Senior Citizens On Holidays


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This brilliant idea was executed by MP Deepu and Rahul Gupta from Haryana. They brought their idea into reality with the aim of filling the lives of senior citizens with colour. Their services mainly revolve around preparing itineraries for citizens above the age of 55. In their efforts, they have sought to transform the idea of ageing into a positive one. Offering opportunities to travel around the world to senior citizens is a brilliant idea that has brought happiness to a lot of people.

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They Arrange Safe And Exciting Trips


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Founded in 2015, they have taken over 5,000 people over the age of 55 around the world. The co-founder of this startup, Deepu, shared that travel is an important part of senior citizens’ lives that they often miss out on. Especially after they have retired from work and are done with their responsibilities, they finally have time for themselves and travel and enjoy. However, a lack of assistance can deprive them of this chance.

To break that cycle, this startup curates everything for its travel groups. These elderly folks not only enjoy their holiday; they also indulge in adventures, art, technology, dancing, singing, and more! The founders also have the safety of the travellers as their prime focus. They also make sure to book hotels within reach of hospitals and to update every traveller’s children promptly. Currently, they cover 20 countries around the world and most parts of India.

We can totally imagine how much fun these people would have had with other travellers of their age groups.

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