Qatar National Day: From History To How It Is Celebrated, Here’s All About It

How are you celebrating the national holiday this year?

by Deeplata Garde
Qatar National Day: From History To How It Is Celebrated, Here’s All About It

Qatar National Day, observed annually on December 18th, stands as a momentous occasion that echoes the pride, resilience, and rich heritage of the Qatari people. As the nation comes together in a kaleidoscope of festivities, the air fills with patriotic fervour, vibrant colours, and a deep sense of unity. From dazzling parades to cultural events, Qatar National Day is a reflection of the country’s journey towards progress, prosperity, and unwavering national identity. Join us in exploring the essence of Qatar National Day, where tradition meets modernity, and the Qatari spirit shines brightly.

When & Why Is Qatar National Day Celebrated?

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In the archives of Qatar’s history, a pivotal moment unfolded on December 18, 1878. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani ascended to leadership, succeeding his father, Mohammed bin Thani, and laying the foundations of modern Qatar. This historic event, resonating with significance, is annually celebrated as Qatar National Day. It’s also affectionately known as Founder’s Day. Serving as a poignant tribute, this celebration weaves together the threads of the nation’s vibrant history, cherished traditions, and the enduring contributions of visionary leaders. Designated as a national holiday, December 18 holds a special place in the hearts of the Qatari people. Also, it offers both respite from daily routines and an opportunity to reflect on the nation’s remarkable journey.

How Is Qatar National Day Celebrated In The Country?

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On this momentous day, the Qatari Army orchestrates the grand spectacle of the “National March,” featuring an impressive military parade attended by the Amir and other esteemed dignitaries. As the day unfolds, Qatari families and friends come together in joyous camaraderie for a festive meal. To bring the festivities to a spectacular close, the night sky transforms into a canvas of colour with a breathtaking display of fireworks, adding a dazzling finale to the spirit of celebration. Thousands of enthusiastic individuals converge at notable locations such as stadiums or parks, creating a powerful display of unity and respect for their country. The ceremony, spanning one to two hours, sees the entire gathering proudly holding their national flags, culminating in a collective rendition of the National Anthem. Dignitaries from the army and government grace the ceremony, adding to the significance of the event.

What Food Is Made To Celebrate Qatar National Day?

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The spotlight festive dish to celebrate the national day is Machboos, the quintessential national dish. This slow-cooked masterpiece is a culinary symphony of lamb or chicken with seasoned rice. It delights the senses and holds a special place in the culinary landscape of the country. Other than that, you should try the traditional dishes from Qatar to mark this occasion. Warak Enab, Rogag, Khanfaroosh, Umm Ali, Thareed and so much more to relish when you are in Qatar.

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Google Pays Tribute To Qatar

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In a splendid tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Qatar, Google has graced its homepage with an enchanting doodle. It marks the profound historical significance of December 18th, 2023. Also, this artistic creation serves as a heartfelt acknowledgement from Google. Further, it captures the essence of Qatar’s identity through the dynamic interplay of colours. It mirrors the nation’s foundational values of pride, solidarity, and loyalty.

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