Qataris! These Are The Best Destinations In South Asia To Check Out During The 11-Day Holiday

by Anupriya Mishra
Qataris! These Are The Best Destinations In South Asia To Check Out During The 11-Day Holiday

It was recently the Qatar Government announced an 11-day holiday for Eid celebrations for its employees. And if you are also on this extended holiday, then doesn’t it sound like the perfect time to take a much-needed vacation with your friends and family? Well, dear Qataris, we have made a list of a few South Asian countries where you can take a much-needed short holiday during these 11 days.

South Asian Countries To Visit During The 11-Day Holiday

1. Nepal

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A beautiful, multi-ethnic country in South Asia, Nepal has a population that is multi-lingual and multi-religious. Mainly sitting in the Himalayas, this country also has parts of the Indo-Gangetic plains and borders India on one side and China on the other. For tourists, there are several places to visit, such as Mount Everest, Palpa, Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu Darbar Square, and even the Changu Narayan Temple. Moreover, there are several things to do here, which include everything from a leisurely bird-watching activity to adventure sports like skydiving. Meaning there is something for everyone here! In fact, Nepal offers visas-on-arrival to Qatar residents.

2. Maldives

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Maldives is a beautiful island country that hardly needs any introduction. Known for its pristine beaches, this nation of islands in the Indian Ocean draws in hoards of tourists from around the world. And with an 11-day holiday at your disposal, this is a great time to take a vacation to this beautiful country. As such, the country is also home to several luxurious resorts that are bound to make your vacation blissful. The Maldives also offers visas-on-arrival to Qatar residents.

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3. India

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India is a multicultural country that is home to a diverse group of people belonging to several ethnic backgrounds, who speak a variety of languages. Besides its rich cultural heritage, this country also has an equally vibrant history, and as a result, you will find dozens of historical relics that will give you a glimpse of the bygone era. The country has something for every traveller, from extreme sports to a leisurely vacation at one of its many hill stations. The diverse topography of the country makes it an excellent place for a holiday. This country offers e-visas to Qatari passport holders!

4. Bhutan

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Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom that is located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Home to several monasteries, fortresses, and landscapes, the dramatic topography of this country makes it attractive to tourists. As it happens, peaks like Jomolhari are popular trekking destinations for people, who like the taste of adventure on their vacation. There are several places to see in the country, such as Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and Trongsa. Moreover, it’s a relatively safe country to visit as crime is pretty uncommon here and this is also the best time to visit the country! You will need a valid visa to enter this country.

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5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is another island country that is situated in South Asia. Lying in the Indian Ocean, this country is separated from the Indian Peninsula through the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. If this country is on your radar, then you can visit a number of places, such as Mirissa Whale Watching, Yala National Park, and Sigiriya. Besides these attractions, you can even lounge at their beaches or discover the Sri Lankan heritage sites. As it happens, you don’t need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka!

So, which one of these South Asian countries will you visit this summer?

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