Rahul Gandhi Has Cycled Across These European Countries | Curly Tales

by Tooba Shaikh
Rahul Gandhi Has Cycled Across These European Countries | Curly Tales

Rahul Gandhi is known to all as a political figure. In this episode of Sunday Brunch, we got to know him as a human being. This episode is also very different because due to his busy schedule and his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi joined us for a Sunday Dinner instead of a Sunday Brunch. It was a fun-filled interaction with lots of laughs. We also got to know the significance Rahul Gandhi gives to travelling.

Rahul Gandhi Has Cycled Across These European Countries

At its core, Bharat Jodo Yatra is about travelling the country. So it is only natural that the face of the Bharat Jodo Yatra discusses the importance of travelling. Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani is an established travel enthusiast so, of course, this conversation between the two flourished.

During the conversation, Rahul Gandhi revealed that he has done a considerable amount of solo travelling. He said that he has cycled across two famous European countries, Spain and Italy. We asked him if being someone of his stature has prevented him from travelling alone, to which he answered a resounding no. He told us that not only has he cycled across these two beautiful countries, but he has also done a lot of backpacking in Europe and Burma, which is now Myanmar.

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Reminiscing About Childhood And Plans For The Country

Rahul Gandhi
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This interview was an absolute treat to watch as we got to witness the casual side of Rahul Gandhi. He opened up about his childhood and how he and his sister were spoilt by different elders in the family. He also told us that just like in any other sibling relationship, he, too, fought with his sister as a child.

He also spoke about his vision for the country if and when he becomes the prime minister of India. He revealed that one of his priorities will be transforming the education system in India. He also plans on protecting the worse-off people in the country like labourers, farmers, and unemployed people.

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