Rahul Gandhi Visits Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi, Enquires About Veggies & Fruit Prices With Vendors

by Shreya Rathod
Rahul Gandhi Visits Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi, Enquires About Veggies & Fruit Prices With Vendors

Rahul Gandhi, the Indian politician and INC leader, travelled through the length and breadth of India. He has been visiting common places and taking an interest in the lives of the Indian middle class. He recently visited Azadpur Mandi in Delhi and interacted with vendors about the soaring prices of vegetables and fruits.

Rahul Gandhi Visits Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi

Early on Tuesday morning, at 4 am, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi conducted a surprise visit to Azadpur Mandi. And he was seen conversing with fruit and vegetable merchants and asking about the most recent prices since inflation was on the rise. His trip to Azadpur Mandi coincides with an increase in vegetable prices.

A few different vegetables can be purchased for more than ₹100 per kilo. Particularly tomatoes have made headlines due to price increases that have reached more than ₹200 per kilogramme in some places. Two days after returning from Kerala, where he sought medical attention for a childhood knee problem, Rahul Gandhi went to the vegetable market.

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He Even Visited Madina Village In Haryana!


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The most recent visit is part of a wave of outings to popular locations and encounters with regular people like truckers, farmers, mechanics, etc. On July 8, he unexpectedly stopped at Madina village in Haryana’s Sonipat district and spoke with farmers who were tending to their fields. He also drove a tractor, helped sow paddy, and ate meals that had been brought by female fieldworkers.

The visit occurs just two days after he posted a video of a vegetable vendor in tears at Delhi’s Azadpur market on his official Twitter account.

The vegetable merchant Rameshwar, who had watery eyes in the video, remarked that the tomatoes are too pricey. And he lacks the funds to purchase it. The distraught farmer further stated even the price at which they will be able to sell it is uncertain. They end up losing money if they get wet in the rain or if something bad occurs to the stock. The vendor continued, saying that because of inflation, he was now in a difficult condition and couldn’t even make ₹100 to ₹200 every day.

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