Ramadan 2023: Deira Streets Fill Up With Thousands Of People Gathering Daily For Iftar

by Deeplata Garde
Ramadan 2023: Deira Streets Fill Up With Thousands Of People Gathering Daily For Iftar

The pandemic made us step back from the Ramadan celebrations for approximately 2 years. After the upliftment of lockdown and restrictions, UAE was jolted with happiness to celebrate the biggest festival of the region. Iftar gatherings were a major event and now it has resumed. The streets of Old Dubai have crowds flocking there for community Iftars and suhoor. Let’s find out more deets about it.

Iftar & Suhoor Gatherings At Old Dubai Alleyways

Pic Creds: Media Library

The long-standing custom of having an iftar gathering in the congested alleyways close to Dubai’s former Gold Souq has been revived post-pandemic. We can see thousands of attendees in the designated area.

The Iman Cultural Centre’s yearly charitable event first took place during Ramadan in 1976, but it has been postponed for the past three years due to Covid-19 safety precautions.

So we recently came across the news of acquiring permission to distribute free meals during Ramadan in Dubai. And as we all know how stringent Dubai is for the rules they lay out. To simplify the process, people will need to specify the region in which they want to distribute meals when requesting this permission. To request approval, they can either call 80006000 or go to the website. They will have to provide their Emirates ID, the address of the restaurant that will provide the food and the spot where the meals will be distributed for this. AED5,000 to AED10,000 in fines could be imposed on anyone found serving Iftar meals without authorization. In addition, they might receive a sentence of up to a year in prison.

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4,000 Daily Free Meals In Deira

Credits: Media Library

Despite the conditions, the people in Dubai have not stopped their kindness towards donating food. And here we are with the record of 4,000 free meals being distributed in the Deira Lootah Mosque. If you are in the Munteenah zone then you might witness at least 1k Kanji broth boxes being distributed daily during Ramadan.

People calmly line up for a kilometre to be given pots of the flavorful off-south Indian white broth at 4.30 p.m.

On the narrow lanes encircling the mosque, volunteers simultaneously stretch out an orange and blue tarpaulin. Along with oranges, dates, water, samosas, and other fried snacks, 500ml plastic receptacles full of kanji are scattered on the ground.

So far we can notice the Old Dubai zones getting loaded by masses to break the fast.

Cover Image Courtesy:Media Library