Ranveer Singh Spotted With Oh-So-Perfect Moustache In Switzerland

Ranveer Singh : Switzerland
by Akriti Seth 959


Let’s expect a little rise in the sea-level for the next few days.

How? Well, the quirky and handsome Ranveer Singh is melting all the snow in Switzerland with his hot quotient. Looks like he has signed up for all the winter love in the world. By being the Indian Ambassador for Switzerland Tourism’s campaign for 2017. Simple.

Don’t believe us? Have a look here.


How many breaths will this sexy santa take away while dashing through the snow on a sledge?

Look at him give all men some #SquadGoals there. Someone please make me take off my eyes away from those charming looks.

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Talk about this man’s quirk and enthusiasm, it is to die for. Have a look at him winning each heart along with that toss and well, cricket in the snow at St.Moritz is where he is making another story. #Lagaan 

Next Beatles Cover? 

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Okay, Fine! Don’t you think I should just stop here. I can put up endless pictures of Mr.Ranveer Singh and keep drooling all-day long but then we all have tasks to finish before we leave. Just like miles to go before I sleep.

Last one!

Stay tuned for more updates because you know Bollywood is always travelling.

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