Relish 10 Types Of Lip-Smacking Kulchas At UAE’s ‘King Of Kulcha’

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Relish 10 Types Of Lip-Smacking Kulchas At UAE’s ‘King Of Kulcha’

The temperatures are dipping and it’s the perfect time to bite into something hot and delicious. How about digging into soft, crispy, stuffed kulchas? In case you’re a big Kulcha fan (just like us), Kulcha King is just where you must head. Kulcha King serves comfort food which is loved by the homesick Asian and Western expats, as well as UAE locals. The casual dining concept made its debut in Dubai in 2010 and ever since then there has been no player to beat their buttery Kulcha.

What Is Kulcha?

Kulcha is basically is a soft dough that is stuffed with scrumptious filling, layered and rolled flat with a rolling pin. This is then baked like a pastry in an oven which gives it its crispiness. Kulcha King has perfected the art of making the perfect stuffed Kulcha that are soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and have the right spice levels. The kulcha are lathered with the goodness of butter and cut it into four triangles, making it easier to eat.

The Menu

Team Curly Tales dined at Kulcha King JLT and we were pleasantly surprised to see the place packed, even on a week-day night. Kulcha King JLT, is a quirky restaurant, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of the Indian culture. The furniture and the walls are drenched in bright colours, perfectly complimenting the subtle interiors. We settled down, and began our feast with the infamous Mango Lassi.

The thick yogurt cooled our senses and we were ready for the main course. Now, this was a big confusion- Kulcha King spoils you for choice. One look at the menu and you’ll be wondering what to eat and what to leave. The menu has 10 different variants of Kulcha, and is a real treat for Kulcha lovers.

Stick to the traditional and savour their authentic Aloo Kulcha, Onion Kulcha or the Paneer Kulcha. We ordered a portion of the traditional Aloo Kulcha, served with a chickpea curry and tamarind chutney, and it did not disappoint. However, if you want to mix things up a bit and are up for innovation on your plate, Kulcha King has a lot to offer.

Treat your taste buds to a Lamb Bolognese Kulcha, or the all-time favourite Chicken Tikka Kulcha. Cheese lovers can binge on the Spinach and Cheese Kulcha- stuffed with akawi and mozzarella cheese. The Kulchas are served with Chole, tamarind chutney, Dal Makhani, Chicken Keema or Raita.

That’s not all! Kulcha King also serves Kulcha for desserts. Surprised? The restaurant makes sweet versions of the traditional kulcha. How about ending your meal on a sweet note with a Nutella Kulcha topped with bananas?

There’s More….

In the mood for Kebabs, wraps or Biryani? The restaurant has a lot more you can pick from! Bite into a crunchy kebab or opt for a moist wrap. Choose from Paneer Tikka (with an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture), Chicken Tikka, or the Lamb Seekh Kebab wrap. The kebabs come in a host of flavours including Paneer, vegetable, chicken and lamb.

And if that’s not anything, binge on their signature Wild Mushroom biryani. Chicken lovers can also opt for Malai Chicken Tikka biryani, Chargrilled chicken biryani, or Tandoori chicken tikka biryani. Pair your biryani with delectable curries made of a distinct blend of spices- Butter chicken, chicken korma, Chicken tikka masala- there’s a little something for every kind of foodie.

End your meal with your choice of traditional desserts including Gulab Jamun, Phirni or Rabri or even a Nutella Kulcha.

The icing on the cake is the restaurant’s pricing. A traditional Kulcha- aloo, onion, mixed veg or cheese is priced at AED 19, while the ones with innovative fillings like the Spinach and Cheese kulcha is priced at AED 24. Other scrumptious fillings like Chicken Tikka and Mutton Tikka are priced at AED 26.

Order online at A champion delicacy loved by all, Kulcha King now plans to expand at a Global level!


Location: Nine branches and two delivery kitchens in the UAE
Cost for two: AED 100
Contact: 800 Kulcha (800585242)