‘Remy’ Brinjal, ‘Shaun’ Cauliflower & More, This Viral Video Of Veggie Cartoon Characters Is GOLD!

by Mallika Khurana
‘Remy’ Brinjal, ‘Shaun’ Cauliflower & More, This Viral Video Of Veggie Cartoon Characters Is GOLD!

The vegetables now look more appealing than ever thanks to a funny touch from a viral video. Animal food art Ddivides the Internet with brinjal turned into Remy from Ratatouille, cauliflower turned into Shaun the Sheep, and more vegetables turned into different cartoon characters.The video begins on a hilarious note with a man who’s roasting a cucumber. 

Animal Food Art Viral Video

It looks like these vegetables are now going to look appetising to children. Carved into their favourite cartoon characters, the viral video has received all kinds of reactions on the internet.

Remember when our mothers had to turn out parathas into smileys, triangles, and huts for us to eat them? The variations in the shapes intrigued us, and we happily ate them.

It looks like the same spin was applied to vegetables, leading someone to carve them out and turn them into different animals resembling cartoon characters.

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Twitter Reacts To The Hilarious Food Art

This video has caught the attention of Twitteratis, and their reactions have been hilarious. Some have found these vegetables interesting, others are pretty grossed out. 

All it takes is some simple shaping to make them into different animals. The video was shared on Twitter by a user, and it quickly gained popularity online. 

The opening scene of the video shows a man roasting a cucumber that was shaped like a frog over a charcoal grill. Next, we have a brinjal that has been cleverly sculpted into the form of a shark. A sheep was created from cauliflower, and the remaining features were added using carrot greens and carrot scraps. Additionally, a rat was created using a smaller brinjal. The clip’s caption on Twitter read, “Food art.” Watch the reactions to this video:

Many people were amazed by the artistic vegetables, but some people expressed distaste for the brinjal that was shaped like a rat. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Figen