Repatriation Flight Tickets To India To Be Costlier

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Repatriation Flight Tickets To India To Be Costlier

Repatriation flights from UAE to India start on May 7. However, the ticket prices could be costlier than the normal fares, adding worry to those planning to fly back.

What’s It?

Nearly 200,000 Indians in the UAE have registered to return home. Going by what travel companies have to say, a one-way repatriation ticket to Delhi will cost approximately AED 1,400-AED 1,650. This would earlier have cost between AED 600-AED 700.

This can be a big financial burden on those stuck in the UAE as most of them headed back have either lost their jobs or faced pay cuts. And to pay a hefty flight fare can come as a big blow. Sources reveal that Indian diplomatic missions have already contacted a few expats, revealing to them the revised flight fares and enquiring their willingness to travel.

Most of them assumed repatriation flights might be free, as it would be sponsored by the government. However, Indian authorities clarified that customers will have to pay for their travel. Now, with the current turn of events, it is a big question how many would actually be able to travel back home.

What Else?

According to an announcement made by the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi, two special flights will operate from the UAE to India on May 7. Both of these flights will fly to Kerala – one from Abu Dhabi to Kochi, and the other from Dubai to Kozhikode. The Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General of India, Dubai, will finalize the passenger list for both flights.

Preference will be given to the elderly, those who need urgent medical help, pregnant women and others who are stranded in difficult situations. Those selected will then be provided direct information on travel including, ticket fares, quarantine period post landing, medical conditions to travel etc.