5 Restaurants In Pune That Serve Authentic Bengali Meals

by Vinita Jain
5 Restaurants In Pune That Serve Authentic Bengali Meals

Pune is perhaps one of the metropolitan cities in India that is a paradise of lush greenery and scenic beauty. Pune is also an educational center which makes it a home for various cultural people. No wonder, then, why Pune is home to a number of fine dining restaurants serving authentic cuisine from all over India. Bengali cuisine is also one of them. Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle and intense spice blends. Check out the list of restaurants serving hearty Bengali dishes in Pune.

1. Question Mark

Question Mark is one of the highly rated Bengali restaurants in Pune. Located in Wakad Question Mark serves fresh and authentic Bengali cuisine. It is famous for the Kolkata rolls like double egg chicken roll, paneer schezwan roll, etc. Question Mark also offers a night menu from 23:30 PM to 3:00 AM.

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2. Apyayan

If you’re a Bengali living in Pune, you must be familiar with this place. Apyayan serves pure Bengali cuisine filled with spice and flavours. Known for its timely service, Apyayan stays open till 3:30 AM. Do try their Kolkata mutton biryani and the bhetki batter fry.

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3. Aha! Bengali

Aha! Bengali serves a complete Bengali spread, from appetizers to desserts. They claim that they want to reintroduce the authentic grandmother style to all the Bangalis living outside Bengal. You can try their fish kobiraji, aloo dum, sukto, cholaar dal, mutton kosha, chicken dak, etc.

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4. Chilimili

This restaurant is apparently famous among locals for its traditional Bengali food. Chilimili is a quaint restaurant located in Pimple Saudagar. If you’re personally a fan of fish Bengali dishes consider visiting this restaurant. Also, you can indulge in some mutton kosha and Bengali khabar.

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5. The Bengal Kitchen

This small restaurant in Pimple Saudagar serves the finest Bengali cuisine. If you ever visit the Bengal kitchen do try their potoler dolma, macacher dimer bada, and the ilisher matha pui shaag.

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