Riyadh Is Now Home To 20 New Parks That Are Located Across 18 Residential Districts; List Inside

by Deeplata Garde
Riyadh Is Now Home To 20 New Parks That Are Located Across 18 Residential Districts; List Inside

Riyadh’s parks are well-known among tourists for family vacations with loved ones. These parks are great for both tranquil picnics and exciting activities. And now the administration has announced the establishment of 20 additional parks in Saudi Arabia’s capital city.

20 New Parks Added To Riyadh

A ceremony was conducted in the presence of the Mayor of the Riyadh area, to open 20 parks across the region. The initiative is carried out under the patronage of Prince Mohammed bin Abdurrahman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of the Riyadh region.

The parks have an area of 181,225 square metres and are scattered throughout 18 residential neighbourhoods. The park’s overall green space area surpassed 50,000sq m, including approximately 7,000 trees and bushes.

Furthermore, they have about 62,000 linear metres of pedestrian walkways. The parks additionally include 56 spaces for recreation and six playgrounds, as well as around 1,000 parking spots. They also contain more than 750 ornate lampposts. The creation of these green areas is projected to improve people’s quality of life while also contributing to the region’s beauty and growth.

Here’s The List Of 20 New Parks In Riyadh

  1. Al Narjis
  2. Ash Shuhada
  3. Al Yasmin
  4. Al Yarmouk
  5. Al Munsiyah
  6. Al Khaleej
  7. Al Qadisiyah
  8. Al-Rimal
  9. Al Rabie
  10. Al Mughrizat
  11. Al Uraija
  12. Al Gharbiyah
  13. Al Aziziyah
  14. King Faisal
  15. Janadriyah
  16. Dhahrat Laban
  17. Al-Mansoura
  18. Dirab
  19. Cordoba

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Here are 3 Best Parks To Visit In Riyadh

Riyadh Park
Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

1. Lake Park Namar Dam Park

Lake Park Namar Dam is a lovely spot for both residents and tourists. It gets its name from the two-kilometre-long Namar Valley dam. Its unique selling point is its stunning lake vista and lovely waterfall. It is well-known for picnics since it includes a paved track along the lake’s shore where visitors may stroll, jog, or cycle while observing the lake’s beauty and marine life

2. King Abdullah Park

King Abdullah Park is one of Riyadh’s most attractive parks and a paradise for nature lovers. Riyadh’s largest park offers a wide sports area with several fields. It also has sidewalks that are 12 metres wide. The park’s beautiful green plants and trees provide a calm and refreshing ambience. It’s perfect to bring your family and friends to unwind after a long day. It is home to several bird and fish species.

3. Olaya Park

Olaya Park is recognised as one of Riyadh’s greatest family parks, excellent for spending quality time in the middle of beautiful nature. The park is enjoyable to explore, with lush foliage, beautiful flowers, and a water fountain with colourful lights for a relaxing experience.

So here are a few of the best and new parks in Riyadh that you should plan on visiting soon.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images