RTA Slashes Taxi Fares In Dubai Due To Drop In UAE’s Fuel Price

by Deeplata Garde
RTA Slashes Taxi Fares In Dubai Due To Drop In UAE’s Fuel Price

The mecca of fuel resources, the Gulf, has been witnessing a sudden surge and drop flowing shoulder to shoulder since last year. With the start of 2023, the prices of fuel in the UAE have dropped drastically resulting in good news for Emiratis. Now take that taxi instead of the bus or metro without worrying about the price. A drop in fuel prices leads to a reduction in taxi prices in Dubai.

Taxi Tariff Reduces From Dhs 2.19 To Dhs1.97 Per Km

This round-off savings of 22fils per km by taxi now. So if you are left wondering why your Careem or Hala cab cost you less starting today, then now you know why! Although there would be no difference in the basic taxi tariff of Dhs12. But guess you will still be saving some money during the mid-month crisis sneaking in slowly.

The cheapest option is also not to call a Hala cab. All types of taxi services offered in the city, including limousines, are subject to reduced pricing. So it might be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to that posh limousine ride you’ve always wanted. And you thought there would be no bright side to January!

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RTA Confirmed The Drop In Fuel Prices Is The Lowest In January

Pic Creds: Media Gallery

The RTA has verified that the decrease in charges is a direct result of the nation’s fuel costs falling to their lowest levels in six months. Here are the reduced fuel prices for January 2023.

1. Super 98- Dh2.78 reduced from Dh3.30
2.  Special 95-Dh2.67 from Dh3.18
3. E-Plus- Dh 2.59 reduced from Dh 3.11
4. Diesel- Dh3.29 from Dh 3.74

These are the reduced rates of fuel at the start of 2023. So if you plan on filling up the tank of your private vehicles, nothing better than now. Take that road trip you were wishing to but kept denying due to fuel prices.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Gallery