Run A Business In UAE From Anywhere In The World With The Virtual Visa License

by Deeplata Garde
Run A Business In UAE From Anywhere In The World With The Virtual Visa License

Are you a current or potential businessman looking to expand your company in the United Arab Emirates? If you want to start a business in the UAE, you don’t need to move or even visit the country. The commercial authorities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai also offer a digital corporation licence. If you’re intrigued, read about these alternatives, as well as how to apply for virtual license.

Abu Dhabi And Dubai Virtual License Procedures

It enables overseas investors to start a company from anywhere on the planet. However, there are certain standards that should satisfy in order to obtain a licence. The first step is to choose the location. The process gets different depending on location.

1.Create Your UAE Pass Account

The UAE government has released an app that provides access to over 5,000 public services. You can still enrol as a user if you are not a UAE resident. All you need to do is download the app and follow certain steps. You will require Emirates ID as the only document to upload to get access to the app.

2.Enrol For The Virtual License

Register for this license on the website After following the required steps you will have to fill the economic category you have to apply for. Submit a digital copy of your passport. Review the information you’ve entered and then click ‘Submit.’

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3.Complete The Payment

You will receive a text message and an email to finish the payment procedure after you finish submitting your application. According to UAE, the application fee for a virtual licence is Dh1,000. It comes with federal fees that vary depending on the activity chosen and the legal form.

The difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi virtual licenses is that in Dubai, a person has to wait for a period of 30 days for approval. After approval, you can proceed further with payment. This doesn’t apply to Abu Dhabi’s license.

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