Here’s How To Renew Your UAE Driving License If You Are An Expat Returning To Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How To Renew Your UAE Driving License If You Are An Expat Returning To Dubai

Getting a driving license in the UAE has always been a big deal. Especially in case you are an expat. If your UAE driving licence is due to expire, applying for renewal in the UAE is simple. In fact, the application procedure takes only a few minutes, whether you apply online or in person. But what if your driver’s license has expired for years?

How To Renew Your Driving License While Being An Expat?

Here’s a detailed list of all that you need to know in order to renew your driving license in the UAE. If your expiry is recent, then just applying online is enough to renew your driving license in UAE. But if the expiry date has crossed 10 years or more, then a road test is mandatory for renewal. These regulations are specifically laid down by Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Let’s start by looking at what happens if you don’t renew your driver’s license when it expires.

Applicable Fines

RTA defines that if the license has an expiry date of less than 10 years, then one can pay the specific late fees and get the renewed license easily. The lowest fee applicable in such a case is Dh10 per month and can soar up to a maximum of Dh500. But if it shows above 10 yrs then a road test is the only way out.
The road test will cost an individual. Below is the breakdown of the fee structure.

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Dh200 for starting a training file
Dh100 for releasing a learning application
Dh50 for the guide manual
Dh200 for RTA test fees
Dh500 for late renewal of a driver’s licence
Dh300 for driving license renewal price
Dh20 for knowledge and innovation expenses


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