Run By A Woman, This Midnight Maggi Stall In Lucknow Is Perfect For Your 3 AM Pangs

by Sanjana Shenoy
Run By A Woman, This Midnight Maggi Stall In Lucknow Is Perfect For Your 3 AM Pangs

Maggi — one dish, many emotions. Ask any desi about their favourite midnight snack and pat comes the reply, Maggi. The instant noodle dish mixed with the signature magic masala, filled with veggies is a one-pot meal that brings back so many beautiful memories. So, it isn’t a surprise to see Netizens overjoyed to find a new 3 AM Maggi spot in Lucknow run by a woman. Here’s more about this new Maggi paradise.

Lucknow Has A 3AM Maggi Spot To Drive Away Your Midnight Cravings

A video posted by @flavorsoflucknow shows a cool video of the ‘3 AM wali Maggi stall’. In this video, a woman dressed elegantly in a pastel green salwar kameez is seen preparing fresh instant noodles. First, she cuts open a Maggi packet and puts the noodles in a pan of boiling water. Then, in a tawa, she adds chopped veggies like carrots, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. The lady adds masalas and then smashes the mixture to exude more flavour.

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Then, she adds the cooked noodles to the veggie mixture. And then comes the best part—  a dash of Maggi magic masala. The street vendor mixes the noodles well and then serves them in small paper bowls to hungry customers. Reportedly, her stall is often surrounded by Maggi lovers, waiting to grab a bite at 3 am in the morning. The caption by @flavorsoflucknow mentions that her stall specialised in Veg Masala Maggi filled with spices, butter and veggies. This dish costs just ₹50. The stall, Zeeshan Maggie Point, which opens at 11 pm runs till late at night.

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Netizens Are Drooling Already!

In no time, the ‘3 AM wali Maggi stall’ video went viral on social media. It received over 387k likes and many comments. Instagrammers appreciated her efforts with heart emoticons. One person even stated that since she uses kadhai to cook Maggi instead of tawa, it has a different taste. But there were some who disagreed. Some Netizens felt other street vendors in Lucknow serve better-tasting Maggi. Well, to each his own!

lucknow maggiMeanwhile, which is your favourite Maggi joint in your city?

Cover Image Courtesy: @flavorsoflucknow/ Instagram