Sachin Tendulkar Talks About His Relationship With Vada Pav

by Mallika Khurana
Sachin Tendulkar Talks About His Relationship With Vada Pav

Sachin Tendulkar, a player who made immeasurable contributions to Indian cricket, devoted 24 years of his life and career to serving this nation. He has a pleasing personality that is adored by all. He joined us on our 100th Sunday Brunch episode to talk about his passion, his career, and his future goals with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani.

Sachin Tendulkar Loves Vada Pavs

After reminiscing about his Sunday brunches as a kid, he talked more about his love and relationship with vada pavs. Sachin shared that he used to go to Shivaji Park Stadium for cricket practice. Naturally, he felt hungry every day after spending hours on the field. So he used to munch on vada pavs from the stadium canteen and used to enjoy 4-5 of them every day. Like every 12-year-old kid, he was always hungry. After playing for five hours straight, he was practically starving. As he was talking about those childhood memories, we could see how much he cherished those days of pure bliss.

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He Participated In A Fun Challenge

Sachin Sunday Brunch
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Naturally, Sachin Tendulkar won us over with his charm and humility the moment we met him. We got into a lively discussion with him on his love of Maharashtrian food, his Sunday brunches as a child, and other topics. His love of vada pav is well known, and we learned that he particularly adores them from a location in Shivaji Park.

We simply had to put this love to the test.  So, we brought him vada pavs from three different locations in Mumbai and asked him to identify the one from Shivaji Park. We presented him with three choices: one each from Juhu, Andheri, and Shivaji Park. He evaluated each layer of the vada pavs.  After carefully examining and tasting each one, he finally picked the right one and left us in awe.

Further in this episode, he talked more about his life beyond cricket, his relationships with his family members, and more. Catch the video to learn all about him!

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