Sadhguru: My Father Had Kept Thousands Of Pages Of His Medical Notes And Textbooks. Here’s Why

Those medical notes held a lot of meaning to his father.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sadhguru: My Father Had Kept Thousands Of Pages Of His Medical Notes And Textbooks. Here’s Why

The spiritual leader Sadhguru took our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on a tour of the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore for this Sunday Brunch episode. We had a candid chat about his life, childhood, his father’s ambitions and more. Read on to know what were his father’s dreams and why he held on to his old medical notes for such a long time.

Why Did Sadhguru’s Father Keep His Medical Notes And Textbooks?

Sadhguru’s father was a doctor and desired to have each of his kids pursue his profession. Our guest shared that his father’s attempt to inspire his older siblings to become doctors was unsuccessful. Therefore, his father tried every possible way to encourage Sadhguru to follow in his footsteps.

So much so, that his father even saved thousands of written notes and textbooks from his college days as he was academically bright. Those medical notes were exceptionally well-written and held a lot of meaning to his father as he thought his kids would require them. But life had other plans for his kids and those notes remained untouched.

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He Made This Very Clear

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Sadhguru made it very clear to his father that doctor is one profession he isn’t going to pursue. He recalled that he was just ten years old when he declared this to his father. He even told his father not to hold out hope that he would become a doctor.

Even though he wasn’t sure which profession he would choose, it was absolutely clear in his mind that doctor was not on the list! He also chose not to go to any university. To his family, this decision was almost like he committed a grave crime. However, he assured them that he would educate himself and the rest is history!

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So, not a doctor. Watch this Sunday Brunch episode live on our channel to learn more about what was his next rebellious step.

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