SamBar Pub & Kitchen Is Serving Complimentary Boozy Gulab Jamun And Rasgulla As A Diwali Treat

by Kritika Kukreja
SamBar Pub & Kitchen Is Serving Complimentary Boozy Gulab Jamun And Rasgulla As A Diwali Treat

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SamBar Pub & Kitchen is serving complimentary boozy rasgullas and gulab jamun to every customer on their order till 22 October. 

What Is It?

As a Diwali offer, SamBar Pub & Kitchen in Khar is offering vodka rasgullas and rum gulab jamuns with every order. The offer is valid only till 22 October and you will be served some boozy desserts along with your food as a Diwali treat. The pub & kitchen in Khar must be famous for its decor and quirky dishes, but this sure as hell puts them in the limelight. So if you want to taste some booze in your favorite sweets, march out there before the 22nd and get your hands on the boozy desserts!

They have organized amazing stuff for the occasion of Diwali so don’t miss out on their specials this year.

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What Else?

Along with boozy desserts, try out their Dosa tacos and signature cocktails. The Rasam Mary is a South Indian version of the popular drink, Bloody Mary. It is made with full-bodied rasam. The Litchi-Elachi is also a drink with vodka which has a spike of South India. The Capi Madras is an alcohol infused drink that gives honor to the filter coffee served down South. Another favourite of the public is the Anna Colada, it’s like the pina colada but with coconut water. Do try out the Awesome Payasam shots.

Whether you’re having the special cocktails or the food items, you will surely get a taste of South India. There are a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items you can choose from. The appams and the koti rotis are aligned with spicy paneer and marinated coral chicken. The vaalapoo aama wada which is a dish made from banana flour from Mangalore is the best dish to gorge on. Do try out the  crisp churuttu wrap.

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Address: 8 Vora Building, 3rd Road, opp Simran Plaza, Khar West. Mumbai, Khar, Mumbai
Phone: 022 33951574
Approx cost: ₹1,250 for two people


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