Samosa Soup Is A Hit in Burma and in Burma Burma!

by Nainisha Mehta
Samosa Soup Is A Hit in Burma and in Burma Burma!

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You think India reserves the rights to Samosas? You’ve been mistaken. Samusas, the Burmese Samosa is a popular street delicacy that you now can enjoy at Burma Burma!

What is it?

We discovered that there’s more to Burmese cuisine than Khow Suey when Burma Burma brought the unique authentic flavours of Myanmar to India a few years back. That’s not all. They also introduced us to a new version of Samosas. This triangular snack has quite a few types of varieties, Samusa Thouk being a speciality of our Southeast Asian neighbour. Widely popular on the streets of Burma, is a one of a kind soup that is high in protein and tantalizing for the taste buds. Burma Burma has brought its exact essence to the menu.

The restaurant’s Samuza Hincho is a tangy soup with cabbage, carrots and capsicum with two pieces of Samosas that is mildly softer than its Indian counterpart. With a filling of chickpeas, some lentils and vegetables, this fried pastry is a true blend of Indian and Burmese cuisine. Tom-yum like flavours to go with a slight crunchiness is an Asian twist to the good ole’ samosa. How many places can you find this in?

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Samosa Soupe
Samosa Soup at Burma Burma. Credit: Burma Burma FB Page.

What else?

Being the flag-bearer of all things Burmese, the restaurant has a surprisingly vegetarian menu. Burmese cuisine is typically dominated by seafood and meat, but Burma Burma has managed to stay-strong with their love for the herbivores.  Chirag Chajjer and Ankit Gupta have done a fabulous job in bringing Burma on a platter. Gupta, who hails from Burma has ancestral recipes stored in cookbooks. With the help of his mother and relatives, they try to replicate the original tastes and keep the authenticity intact. Influenced from Myanmar, Thailand, China and Northeast India, Burmese cuisine has always been rich in scintillating textures, fresh-ingredients, spices, health and a pungent aroma. You can experience this in their a la carte or even the special menus.

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Burmese Food
Delicious Burmese Food. Credit: Burma Burma FB Page.

Khow Suey is a must and here at Burma Burma, you’ll get to taste the best of it with their Oh No Khow Suey. Coconut milk, veggies, choice of udon, Hakka, whole wheat or flat noodles, and peanuts (an important part of Burmese food) as toppings give all the crunch and the punch. Another speciality is the salads. The Mandalay Laphe Thoke is a real-crowd puller made of fermented tea leaves, fried garlic, sesame, tomatoes, jalapenos and nuts. For dessert, how about a Falooda? Yes, it’s popular there too. Give the Shway Aye a try. Coconut milk, sponge cake, jelly, and lotus seeds – Falooda in a true Burmese style. The restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, but the coolers definitely fill the gap.

Oh No Khow Suey
Oh No Khow Suey at Burma Burma. Credit: Burma Burma FB Page.

Anything else?

A restaurant entirely dedicated to the cuisine of a Southeast Asian country will definitely make sure that the culture resonates not only in the food, but the ambience as well. Hence, the restaurant’s walls are decorated with a prayer wheel, the ceiling covered with parasols (Burmese umbrellas), a panel that replicates the Pagoda found in the houses of Burma, traditional prayers inscribed on the walls, and chopsticks and sunflower seeds flown all the way from Burma. Once in, the attention to detail gives you a glimpse of an unfamiliar culture.

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Burma Burma
A true reflection of Burmese culture. Credit:


Address: Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane, MG Road, Behind Mumbai University, Fort, Mumbai.
Avg Cost: Rs. 1500 for two people.
Timings: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM


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