Saudi Is Considering A Four-Day Workweek; 3-Day Weekend May Become A Reality! Details Inside

by Anupriya Mishra
Saudi Is Considering A Four-Day Workweek; 3-Day Weekend May Become A Reality! Details Inside

Recently, there has been a lot of talk and debate about the advantages and disadvantages, feasibility, and productivity of employing a four-day workweek. Some studies have suggested that longer weekends may not have any detrimental effect on employee productivity, but might increase job satisfaction and efficiency in the same breath. As countries around the world debate this and look into the feasibility of such a system, one can expect that this might also happen in Saudi Arabia. Yes, according to reports, it’s suggested that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is studying the probability of employing a four-day workweek. So, if this system comes into place, there might be a three-day weekend!

Saudi Arabia Considering Three-Day Weekend?

Saudi Arabia 4-Day Workweek
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According to a news report by an Arabic daily, Al Madina, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might switch to a long weekend. Yes, Saudi Arabia is among the list of countries that are considering switching to a four-day workweek and a three-day weekend. While there’s nothing concrete as of now, this comes after a response by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to an inquiry on Twitter. According to this, they’re studying the possibility of this workweek structure. It is worth mentioning that the ministry is also studying the current labour system. This is being done through a periodic review for realising an increase in job creation and raising the attractiveness of the market for both local and international investments.

Having said this, it’s worth mentioning that currently, Saudi Arabia employs a five-day workweek with two days being a holiday, namely Friday and Saturday.

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Already Implemented In UAE?

Dubai Skyline
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As it happens, according to the Khaleej Times, The UAE had already reduced cut its workweek to four and a half days. And Sharjah opted for a full three-day weekend! As a result, employees across the region welcomed this decision. It is worth mentioning that Bahrain and Oman are also studying the implementation of this system.

What do you think about this tentative development? Do let us know what kind of workweek you prefer and why in the comments!

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