Saudi Space Crew Take A Breath Of Fresh Air As They Land On Earth!

Saudi Space Mission
by Anupriya Mishra

It was only recently that social media outlets were abuzz with the news of the second all-private mission to the International Space Station. This mission saw two Saudi astronauts taking off from the Earth for the space station for eight days of scientific research. The reason why this created a lot of buzz was the fact that the two astronauts were also the first female Saudi Arabian astronaut to go into space. And now after spending eight days aboard, the crew has safely returned to Earth. Here’s all you need to know about the conclusion of this mission.

Saudi Space Crew Land Safely On Earth

Yes, the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, which carried the astronauts, has landed safely on the Gulf of Mexico. This is right off the coast of Panama City, Florida, and the safe landing took place after a 12-hour return flight. Their blazing re-entry, as they plunged through the atmosphere of the Earth, was recorded live for people to see. Ali Alqarni and Rayyanh Barnawi, who participated in the experiment as were also a part of the Axiom-2 crew, during the eight-day stay in the International Space Station.

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They Will Be Flown To Meet Their Families

As the door of the capsule carrying the astronauts opened, Rayyanah, who is the first Arab woman to go into space, gave a thumbs up to the camera. According to a news report by the Arab News, the crew has been deported from the capsule from where they will be taken to meet their families at Cape Canaveral. It’s worth mentioning that the Axiom 2 was led by the retired NASA, astronaut Peggy Whitson. Did you know she holds the US record for the most time spent in orbit? During this mission, the astronauts weren’t just working with cutting-edge technologies but were also global ambassadors in the field of technology, art, science, and mathematics. The time in space was also a historical moment for another reason, as their mission coincided with the stay of Sultan AlNeyadi, marking the first time, three Arab astronauts were in space together.

This mission has certainly kept keeping glued to the screens and social media, looking for updates. And its conclusion, it certainly leaves us hoping for such exciting developments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/saudispace