Say Cheese! 5 Cheesy Dishes In Dubai You Must Try Right Away

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Say Cheese! 5 Cheesy Dishes In Dubai You Must Try Right Away

There’s no such thing as ‘too much cheese’! Food artisans in the region have mastered the art of crafting some dishes that are not only cheesy but also a delectable treat that cannot be missed. Also, makes a GREAT Instagram post that would have people drooling in minutes.

Check out some of the cheesiest finds in the city.


1. Cheetos Mac n Cheese- Hida Burger 

Mac n Cheese is comfort food to many. Imagine it served in a cup with oozing cheese and topped with a generous amount of Cheetos – it’s a treat you cannot miss. This hole-in-the-wall place is yet to be discovered, the dish is a bestseller amongst other scrumptious dishes. You must also check out their Alfredo Pasta that is also served in a mug.

Price – AED 38
Location – Jumeirah

Credits: Hida Burger Facebook

2. Volcano Fries- Nomad

Fries is a delicacy one cannot resist. Imagine them served to you in a generous topping of gooey cheese, crispy chicken cubes and sauce, sprinkled with Cheetos – it’s a dish your trainer may frown upon but every bite can take you to heaven and back. One of their other best sellers is the Pink Panther, something you must check out as well.

Price – AED 59
Location – Umm Suqeim

Credits: Nomad Facebook

3. Amul Cheese Vada Pav- Chaat Bazaar

Vada Pav is that street food that can challenge every burger that exists. The delicious potato filling in a pav bun with irresistible chutney and that chilli. The coined term would be paisa vasool – worth every penny spent. Chaat Bazaar serves this delicacy filled and topped with Amul Cheese, taking the taste game to a level above the Burj Khalifa. It’s super affordable, we guarantee you cannot stop at just one. While you’re there, have a bite of their Cheesy Masala Fries as well.

Price – AED 10
Location – Al Karama

Credits: Chaat Bazaar Facebook

4. Cheese Burst Maggi – Once Upon A Bite

Bringing the best of both worlds, Once Upon a Bite brings a cheesy twist to good ol’ Maggi with a taste explosion in every bite. This place also has a variety of foods following a similar theme of good food, no bull! And it’s also very pocket-friendly, making it a double win!

Price – AED 15
Location – Al Karama

5. Holy Grail- She Burger


If happiness could be a dish, this is probably how it would look like. Presenting to you one of the cheesiest and yummilicious dishes Dubai has ever had – the Holy Grail. Filled with the goodness of potato, bacon, jalapeno and oodles with cheese –  this dish is something you would never regret having. You can also try their Her Messy Fries on the same which is also one of their bestsellers.

Price – AED 49
Location – Al Safa

Credits: She Burger Facebook

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