Sexist Bengaluru Bus Ad For Rasam Stirs Controversy; Netizens Say, “Make Your Own Rasam Uncle Ji”

An instant rasam ad on a Bengaluru bus stirred controversy due to its sexist tone. Here's what Netizens had to say.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Sexist Bengaluru Bus Ad For Rasam Stirs Controversy; Netizens Say, “Make Your Own Rasam Uncle Ji”

An advertisement for instant paste displayed on a Bengaluru bus has landed the brand, Indira’s in a soup (rasam in this case). The ad shows a man with a baffled expression. Next to him is the phrase, “Wife North Indianaaa?” followed by a quick fix to prepare the traditional South Indian soup, rasam. This ad ignited a debate on social media where many Netizens found the instant rasam ad to be racist and even sexist. Here’s more about this controversy.

Bengaluru Bus Ad For Rasam Stirs The Pot Of Controversy

Tejas Dinkar posted a picture of an instant rasam ad displayed on a Bengaluru Bus on X (formerly Twitter). The X user in his caption mentions how this ad has not just managed to be sexist but also insulting to both North and South Indians. The ad attempts to communicate that if a South Indian man has a North Indian wife who doesn’t know how to prepare rasam, she can use Indira’s instant rasam brand. “Rasam in seconds,” promises the ad.

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This Post Started A Debate On Social Media

Ever since @tdinkar posted this on X, it went viral in no time. Many Netizens pointed out how this ad offended women, and South Indian and North Indian people at the same time. @ponnappa comments, ” equality is insulting everyone equally”. @wokeakka says, “hOw iS iT seXiST?  Assumes men cant keep rasam. Then Assumes all south indian women know to keep rasam. Finally assumes women do the cooking in the house It’s 2024 get a grip ffs”. @idontcareaatall states, “The north-south issue is nothing compared to the sexism in this ad.”


@bhulani_anjan comments, “The creative team woke up and chose violence in every direction”. @Xfaraway28 states, “This is the most bizarre advertisement ever, disgusting behaviour”. @Sanjuxtwt sarcastically says, “Like, cook your own rasam, uncle ji. Your wife is making yummy rotis for herself.” @amorphousblob__ comments, questions why one needs rasam paste to make rasam. And called the man a man-child for needing a woman to cook.

Meanwhile, there were many X users who didn’t find this ad offensive. @kanishkabagaria stated that people should stop taking offence at everything. @phanikiran instead finds this ad to promote or acknowledge South-North marriages.

@_anant_mishra finds this ad to be symbolic of the reality of many Bengalureans who have had love marriages. 

Bengalureans, what do you think about this Bengaluru bus ad for instant rasam?

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