Seychelles Cancels All Cruise Ships Till 2021

by Suchismita Pal
Seychelles Cancels All Cruise Ships Till 2021

Seychelles, the gorgeous island nation near the coast of East Africa, has banned all cruise ships from its shores till the end of 2021. Seychelles, also known as the Republic of Seychelles, is an archipelagic island country that sits on the western Indian Ocean. With a total of 115 islands, the tiny country is a dream destination for every wanderlust, with ravishing mountains, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, dense forests and rare wildlife, like the giant tortoises. The picturesque isle, Mahe, the capital of Seychelles, is also the world’s smallest capital city. However, owing to the coronavirus scare, a visit to Seychelles will be possible only after a couple of years.

What’s Happening?

As many countries all around the world are suffering drastically due to coronavirus, Seychelles wants to keep its shores closed for outsiders until the pandemic is completely eradicated. Already, there have been 11 confirmed cases on the islands, as per John Hopkins University. Seychelles has a population of about 96000 and the government took this measure to reduce chances of infection spread from the foreign lands. As per reports, the cruise industry has been a prominent catalyst by which COVID-19 has spread throughout the world.

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What Else?

Several ships in the U.S. have suspended their services all through summer, and some have extended the suspension even up to the fall season.  These decisions came after the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention extended ‘no sail’ order for cruise ships for a minimum of 100 days, advising Americans to avoid using cruise vessels for travelling.

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It’s a good measure by the government to guard the nation against the disease now. Once things are normal, definitely plan a trip to this island country to feast your eyes on its eye-pleasing landscapes. Also, there are direct flights from Mumbai to Mahe that will take you to Seychelles in just about nine hours. So, start making plans right away!